Bachmann: 'Mr. President, let ObamaCare be voluntary'

Lawmaker on health care law, debt limit


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ERIC BOLLING, GUEST HOST: Now to the other GOP strategy, this one questioning how you can tax people for ObamaCare -- think about this for a second -- when they can't even sign up for it due to all the technical glitches.

Minnesota Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is demanding answers. She joins me now.

Congresswoman, thanks for joining us.

So, first of all, you know, John Boehner put this in very, very precise terms today. He said it accurately. How can you tax people if you can't even sign up for the thing that you're taxing them for not having?

REP. MICHELE BACHMANN, R-MINN.: Yes, that's exactly right. How do you tax people and force them to buy a product that they don't want at a Web site that they can't -- that doesn't even work?

That's where we're at right now. And a poll came out today that said only seven percent of the American people think that this rollout is successful. The bigger number is 93 percent of the American people think the ObamaCare rollout is a failure. A few numbers are emerging, not very many. You think the administration would be touting the millions of people who are now on ObamaCare, but we find out in the city of Milwaukee, not one person signed up, only seven in the state of Wisconsin, only five in the state of Iowa.

This is a dismal failure, and so this is what we're saying to the president right now. Mr. President, let ObamaCare be voluntary. You have ObamaCare, and the reason why you have ObamaCare is because you said that people don't have access to health insurance. Well, we have that now. It's set up, it's in law, but if an American doesn't want to be in ObamaCare, they shouldn't be forced to.

If a business doesn't want to be in ObamaCare, they shouldn't be forced to. If I doctor doesn't want to be in ObamaCare, they shouldn't be forced to. If an insurance company done want to be in ObamaCare, they shouldn't be forced to.

No one should be forced to sign up for the electronic medical records that the government wants to have. So let's make this voluntary for people. If it's great, people will sign up. If not, people will find it another way. I think that's a reasonable compromise and it's one that Democrats, independents and Republicans can all agree on.

BOLLING: Congresswoman, I don't mean to cut you off. I apologize for that. But there's some breaking news today that the House, the GOP, your caucus there has sent a proposal over to President Obama saying, listen, we will give you the debt ceiling, but we want to sit down over the government shutdown and the budget and whatnot.

There's meeting this afternoon, about 25 minutes from now, with 18 or 20 -- we have heard both numbers -- Republicans that are going to sit down with President Obama. Can you weigh in on what you think is going to happen there?

BACHMANN: Yes. I think John Boehner made exactly the right call. He's been making a lot of very good calls recently.

And one of those calls is that he refused to have 200 Republicans go to the White House where would we all sit through a lecture from, with all due respect, professor Obama, because we're not interested in a lecture. What we want is some action and negotiation.

This is a president whose administration has been, again, with all due respect, we're going to hold our breath until we turn blue. That's not a position. So now John Boehner is saying we're going to take our negotiators, go into the same room with the president and say, Mr. President, we have given you a lot of different offers. Let's start talking and let's get a deal done, so that we can benefit the American people, get the economy moving and get some jobs started.

BOLLING: Congresswoman...

BACHMANN: So, I think that John Boehner is doing the right thing.

BOLLING: Can you -- I want you to react to this. This is Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid about 45 minutes ago. Listen to what he had to say about your caucus. Listen.

BACHMANN: Mm-hmm. Sure.


SEN. HARRY REID, D-NEV., MAJORITY LEADER: They do not know what they want. I hope the Republicans decide what they want, and we will be happy to work with them in any way. I repeat for the fourth time right here, open the government, let us pay our bills, we will negotiate with you about anything.


BOLLING: So, comments on that. Go ahead.

BACHMANN: Well, what is hilarious is that the position of the president and Harry Reid is this -- we win, and after we win absolutely everything, then you can come over and we will talk.

I mean, really, honestly. That's the position? That they just win? They're not going to talk and we aren't going to talk. There's nothing left to talk about. The deal is done.

So the American people, that's an insulting comment to make to the American people. We're serious. Like I said, we have put a lot of offers on the table. Now it's time for the president to actually lead and not be a passive participant, and be a part of these talks.

I think we're getting somewhere. I really do think that this is a positive sign today.

BOLLING: All right, very good. Congresswoman, thank you for joining us today.

BACHMANN: Thank you, Eric.

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