Grapevine: Washington the least honest place in US?

Finding from unscientific Honest Tea Company study


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The People's House: Still Closed

It has been nearly five months since White House tours for the public fell victim to the sequester, according to White House officials -- their decision -- and while there's no sign of the tours returning, that does not mean no one is getting access.

Last week, 130 guests enjoyed a lavish Ramadan dinner at the White House. Earlier in the month, the president hosted the entire diplomatic corps for a reception. And several sports teams, of course have also been invited to the People's House.

Meantime, President Obama must deal with the optics of jetting off to Martha's Vineyard for his annual family vacation, as Ed Henry reported, while a new survey finds four out of five Americans experience some type of economic insecurity during their lives.

The Obamas will reportedly stay in a $7.6 million home, complete with tennis courts and swimming pools on the Vineyard. 75 staffers are also expected to stay on the island at a nearby hotel.

Not Covered

Sign-up for the ObamaCare public health exchanges begins in two months.

Now many of those being hired to help people get those health benefits are finding out they will not be getting coverage of their own.

Last month, the Obama administration announced the creation of a 24-hour call center to answer people's questions.

But the Contra Costa Times reports applicants for the branch outside San Francisco just learned -- contrary to information on the job listing -- half the positions are part-time -- meaning, they get no benefits.

The county supervisor representing the district where the call center is housed, called the hiring process a comedy of errors.

One of the new part-time employees told the Times quote -- "What's really ironic is working for a call center and trying to help people get health care, but we can't afford it ourselves."

The deputy county administrator says it was the plan from the start to make half the positions part-time and the county has been clear about that.

Honest to Goodness

George Washington -- who according to legend could not tell a lie -- might be turning over in his grave on this next story.

Washington D.C. -- our nation's capital -- is the least honest place in America.

That's according to an unscientific study by the Honest Tea company.

It set up unmanned kiosks selling tea for a dollar on the honor system.

20 percent of those who helped themselves to tea in Washington D.C. did not pay. 

That's compared to a national average of only eight percent.

Adding insult to injury, the company's co-founder had his bike stolen in D.C. on the day of the study.