Is FBI 'Faces of Global Terrorism' ad offensive to Muslims?

Democratic lawmaker complains to Director Mueller


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GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: So, Congressman Jim McDermott wrote a letter to FBI Director Robert Mueller on Wednesday, claiming an anti-terror ad is racist. The ad seen here shows mug shots of 16 real terrorists, and McDermott thinks the ad is not only offensive to Muslims and ethnic minorities but it encourages racial and religious profiling.

So, I guess next time, we should create fake bombers, make them all Swedes?

This is called a hate fact, something true that folks refuse to believe because it creates a discomfort in a hypersensitive culture.

So, when it comes to tracking terrorists, what can we go by? We can't reference our radical beliefs, even our president won't do that. And now, we can't say what they look like. So, how about astrological signs?

Welcome back. We just learned a terrorist is on the loose. Here's what we know so far. He's a Virgo. Approach with caution, because like your typical Virgo, he can be fussy, inflexible, and interfering. His narrow-mindedness will hamper your creativity.

If you're a Taurus, approach with caution, you might find him irresistible, Dana.

So, here's the big picture, and it's so big, it can't fit on the side of a bus. Safety is now secondary to sensitivity. And any effort to air brush the face of terror makes it that much easier for it to succeed. How funny that this is the same congressman who said the Tea Party deserved getting targeted by the IRS. Maybe because the only thing the Tea Party ever blows up are balloons?

It's true.


GUTFELD: So, Eric, should was no longer show faces of suspects so as not to hurt feelings?

ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: No, we have to show faces of suspects. Those are the actual suspects. Therein lies the difference. It's not -- the bus, didn't say, by the way, that's on the side of a bus.

The bus didn't say find people who look like this. It says find these exact people! It's not racist. If there were four guys in the middle of that, they have been right on the middle of that bus, too.


BOLLING: It's not. It's the actual people. So, this is not racist. By the way, are you a Virgo? And are you a Taurus?



BOLLING: Wow. Wow.

GUILFOYLE: Did you see what just happen there?

GUTFELD: That was -- by the way, this ad is beardist, because all of them have beards.


PERINO: Even the ones that don't.

GUTFELD: Yes, even the ones that just shaved them clearly.

GUILFOYLE: Decode the monologue.

GUTFELD: Beckel, what do you make of this?

BOB BECKEL, CO-HOST: Beckel? What do you make of this?

GUTFELD: What do you make of this, Beckel?

BECKEL: Beckel? Shut up, Bob.

I think I have to be a fan of Jim McDermott, but this goes way over the line.

Look, I don't know how much longer we're going to tolerate this idea of protecting Muslim terrorists that are in this country. You go to mosques, they're all upset about profiling around mosques -- well, that's where this stuff gets generated!

I mean, I want to wait to see the first Muslim to stand up and say these people deserve to go to jail on that bus. Instead of not saying anything.

Has anybody heard a cleric or anybody else apologize, a head of a Muslim country for what's gone on here?


BECKEL: Meantime, they're taking Christians out of our churches, Catholic Church in Egypt, bringing them out and killing them.

Now, you know, fair is fair. You want to get fair? Ask yourself what the prophet would have done with this.

GUTFELD: Hmm, good point there, KG.

GUILFOYLE: You don't hear about sleeper cell synagogues, do you?

GUTFELD: No, you don't. That's true.

Should there have been a more diverse ad?

GUILFOYLE: Listen, this is I think dangerous and irresponsible. I am sick of this PC, that we have had no good or important foreign policy advancement, have we? I mean, now, we're so worried about what you say, can't profile, you can't go on a suspect description, I mean, you're making a joke of it, but it's kind of true. You can say someone is a Virgo, or you can say they have a pink shirt on. But that's about it. I mean, this is making us less safe by the day and I think it is grossly irresponsible. And 70 percent of people surveyed still feel the biggest threat to the United States, you know, is terror. Wake up!

GUTFELD: I was thinking I had a suggestion to replace some of the suspects on the ad to make it more diverse. I think I have it here.

There you go. See that coming?

PERINO: Guard dog. No, I didn't. I thought it was going to be me.

You know what?

GUILFOYLE: What's his sign?

PERINO: I'm not defending Jim McDermott, but I can understand why people would have reaction to this ad. That is a very stark ad. That is not a PC ad.

It's kind of amazing that our government put that out. I think we should be applauding them. However, I think in some ways if you were to get an ad award, you walk by 100 million ads a day, nothing catches your eye. This would catch your eye. That actually might help you identify somebody that could help prevent a terror attack.

GUILFOYLE: I love this ad.

BECKEL: You're right. This is -- what Eric said, these people really are terrorists and we really are looking for them.

GUILFOYLE: Yes, this isn't a joke, right?

BECKEL: That's right. I mean, go to a post office, look who is on the wall.

I was on the wall once --

BOLLING: It could have been more PC putting all 31 of the top terrorists there, would have been one non-Muslim there.

GUTFELD: All right. We've got to move on, because we want Bob's yoga.

BECKEL: Yes, we do.

GUTFELD: That would be huge.

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