Saudi national questioned in Boston attack may be deported

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: Last night we talked about the Saudi national. You mentioned that he was going to be deported. This was the first person of interest. There was an update to all of this, and that is -- immediately after we got off the air, I have sources in Washington that confirmed what you said. I also got a little bit more information, that that Saudi national was scheduled for deportation, and apparently he had three -- what they describe to me -- B10s, meaning he's been involved with a terrorist or terror activity, three instances, and deportation was set for Tuesday.

There's been a lot of back and forth today, a lot of contradiction. Do you have any update on that story? Why would they be so quick to deport somebody? I'm not saying he's a suspect. They said he is not a suspect in this case, but it's connected in as much as, why all of a sudden a quick deportation if in fact it's true?

STEVE EMERSON, TERRORISM EXPERT: Well, what I reported last night, which you had confirmed, was that the person initially that was of interest, then they determined he was not of interest, I reported that there was a deportation order, because he violated U.S. national security, and the deportation was scheduled for next Tuesday.

Ms. Napolitano, head of Homeland Security, denied this morning in a hearing in a testy exchange with a member of Congress, saying there was no deportation considered, she no idea what he was talking about. Tonight I got access to an internal ICE document proving the fact that his visa was revoked because of national security violations and that he was scheduled for deportation next Tuesday.

Now in the interim, since last night, I think there's an effort now to cover their tracks, not be embarrassed by the fact that they're deporting somebody who had violated U.S. national security. So maybe they now have decided to withhold the deportation.

HANNITY: I have multiple sources, high level, within our government, that told me the exact same thing. That this Saudi national, they said now is a witness, not a suspect, but saying is to be deported Tuesday, I was told for the exact same thing, for national security reasons. I did see the video where Janet Napolitano denied any knowledge of that, but yet it's been confirmed now by multiple sources.

EMERSON: And the documents are going to surface or at least members of Congress have it right now, and they'll make the contents public. We don't know if he was connected to the bombing or not, but it's a strange coincidence for sure.

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