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Cavuto: Mayor Bloomberg gets an earful

Here's what happens when you pat yourself on the back -- better make sure you deliver or you're going to get kicked in the... well, just have a look.


NEW YORK CITY MAYOR MICHAEL BLOOMBERG: I just wanted to add my thanks on behalf of all the city, particularly to the Sanitation Department --



Let's just say His Honor not feeling the luck of the Irish at this early St. Patty's Day parade in Rockaway, Queens, New York. Folks there still stewing over Hurricane Sandy aid, they say still isn't coming. And something hit them, the moment they saw Mayor Michael Bloomberg marching. They remembered this moment he and other leaders were sounding so re-assuring:


BLOOMBERG: We had a good plan --

BLOOMBERG: Well-executed --

BLOOMBERG: We all pulled together when nature dealt us a blow --

BLOOMBERG: There was a lot of criticism of FEMA back in the Katrina days. And today, you hear nothing but good things about FEMA --


They remembered that and how it didn't seem to connect with this -- homes still destroyed; residents still devastated; relief still delayed.

And it's as if what was pent-up just sort of all at once burst out. The mayor made a convenient target. But to be fair to Michael Bloomberg, maybe not a fair one. After all, Bloomberg wasn't the only official, who was commending agencies early on for rescue aid that wasn't panning out.

Lots of folks dropped the ball, but that's what happens when it's only rescue folks talking to each other and thinking they're on the ball -- too busy hearing themselves and slapping each other on the back than taking a moment to hear from the folks they're supposed to be helping, who'd sooner kick them in the ass.

That's what happens when you'd sooner march in the parade than ever really look at the folks watching the parade. They're not waving. They're not raising their hands. They're raising... their fingers.