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Bill O'Reilly: President Obama trying to checkmate the Republican Party

Talking Points 2/5


By Bill O'Reilly

There are two big issues that Mr. Obama is using to hammer the GOP, immigration and guns. But it's not about problem solving.

For example "Talking Points" has put forth a simple plan that would drastically reduce gun violence in this country. It has to do with federalizing all gun crimes and having very tough mandatory prison sentences for gun criminals. But you won't hear support for that coming from the Democrats.

Instead, liberals want to make the debate about limiting firearms, even though they know with 300 million guns already in circulation those limits will do absolutely nothing to prevent violent crime, absolutely nothing. Again, the Democrats and the President know that.

Likewise on the immigration front the President well understands that if he secures the southern border, most Republicans will agree to mainstreaming the illegal aliens that are already here at least in the workplace. That negotiation should take 90 minutes. But it won't because Mr. Obama will not commit to securing the border.

Now, I hate to be cynical. But that's what's going on. It's about politics, not problem solving. And the President has been somewhat successful in demonizing Republicans. Listen to this.


GOV. BOBBY JINDAL: We've got to stop being the stupid party. And I'm serious. It's time for a new Republican Party that talks like adults. It's time for us to articulate our plans and our visions for America in real terms.

DONALD TRUMP: Well, I think he was stupid for using that term. Because that term is so obnoxious and so good for the other side that he should not have used that term. Because that term is going to be living now with the Republican Party for a long time and they are going to have his face on television saying it for the next four years.


O'REILLY: So there is a real division in the Republican Party caused by friction over how to handle complex issues like gun control and immigration. Now last night it was interesting to hear conservative rock guy Ted Nugent really level a CNN commentator.


TED NUGENT: We are not talking about guns. We're talking about --



NUGENT: Do you care about the murders or do you only care about the murders with guns.

MORGAN: I care about all deaths by violent crime.

NUGENT: I don't think you do, I think you care about guns. I think you are obsessed with guns.

MORGAN: No, no. I'm obsessed --

NUGENT: 99.99 percent of the gun owners of America are wonderful people that you are hanging around with here today. Perfectly safe, perfectly harmless, wonderful, loving, giving, generous, caring people. Would you leave us the hell alone? Go after the nut jobs. Go after the murderers because I don't know any.


O'REILLY: Now that kind of straight talk is what the Republican Party needs. It should lay out its vision as Governor Jindal suggested but it should also aggressively counter attack liberal politics that are devoid of solutions.

Right now there is little incentive for President Obama to moderate. New Gallup poll for example says that in January 70 percent of American Hispanics approved of the job Barack Obama is doing. That number is up from 53 percent this time last year. And it is the immigration debate that has Hispanics cheering on the President.

"Talking Points" is not a party apparatchik. I want solutions, not politics. Right now we are not seeing honest debate in America. And that is hurting all of us.

And that's "The Memo."