Cavuto: Not covering both parties fairly is 'unfair'

Neil reacts to coverage of spending, debt ceiling


Well, my compliments to the major. Major Garrett, that is.

The Fox'er turned CBS news'er proved some in the media still know what's good for the goose and the gander.

That if you're going to fault Republicans for bringing us to another debt ceiling brink, at least point out that Democrats have played the same game.

Now that is not just Republicans who are balking at raising debt ceilings. That means saying that Democrats have done the same thing.

Why, Major is pointing out to the president's face, this very president has done so himself.

Now I'm not saying -- nor is Major Garrett -- who is right and who is wrong, just that fair is fair.

And in this continuing spending debate in Washington, not covering both parties fairly is unfair.

So, if you are going to say Republicans are obstinate for not wanting to increase spending...

Would it kill you to say that maybe Democrats are just as obstinate for not wanting to cut spending?

If Republicans are adamant on taxes and that's obstructionist...

Democrats are not when they're adamant on spending and that is not obstructionist?

At least point out the oddity and what's "odd" Nancy Pelosi once ripping George Bush a new one for trying to bypass Congress...

But now pushing a 14th amendment that grants this president a debt ceiling escape from this Congress.

So, George Bush trying it? Evil.

Granting this president the right to do so...not evil?

Republicans holding our debt ceiling hostage...wrong. Democrats once doing the same exact thing...not wrong?

No, not even close.

You can't say Republicans aren't reading the will of the people in an election when the people kept them in charge of the House in that same election.

Elections do have consequences, of course. Perhaps hiking taxes on the rich is one of them.

But that does not mean we don't do a lick about our debt, because try as I might reflecting on that election's consequences, not getting a handle on spending wasn't one of them.

Just like only hearing the wisdom of one side doesn't make you a journalist.

But doing so at the expense of totally ignoring the other side does make you...a charlatan.