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Bill O'Reilly: A gross violation of your privacy by the press

Talking Points 1/7


By Bill O'Reilly

By printing the names and addresses of Americans who can legally possess firearms "The Journal News" of Westchester County, New York has put some people in danger.


JEANINE PIRRO, HOST, "JUSTICE WITH JUDGE JEANINE: The battered woman hiding from her abuser whose address has been protected by the courts, the police officer whose family is now in jeopardy, the witness who testified against the bad guy who is in jail and for years has been stewing about that witness, judges and DAs like me.


O'REILLY: And now the threats from the newspaper's action are even more specific.


FALCO: I have been in a meeting with my correction officers and their unions. They have inmates coming up to them and telling them exactly where they live. That's not acceptable to me. That shouldn't be acceptable to the public in the Rockland County.


O'REILLY: While prison guards are trained to defend themselves, many folks are not.


DENNIS SANT, PUTNAM COUNTY CLERK: This one lady who has been stalked for years in Westchester County, she finally found peace two years without the stalker contacting her. Two days after that paper released her information, she gets hang ups all night long. She lives in fear, her and her three daughters.


O'REILLY: And what does the publisher of "The Journal News" Janet Hasson think about all of that? Well she won't address the issue. She is hiding under her desk and with good reason. Since 2005 the circulation of "The Journal News" has dropped nearly 50 percent. It is a committed left- wing paper. In the recent election it endorsed 36 candidates, all Democrats. It's clear Ms. Hasson is running an ideological operation that wants to punish legal gun owners.

Charlie Driscoll who lives in Carroll, Iowa has a question for Ms. Hasson. Would it be acceptable to her if he lists the persons who received welfare payments or unemployment insurance or published in the newspaper? Well I think I can answer for her, Charlie. No.

The reason Hasson and her crew published the names of legal gun owners was to disparage them. She'd never do that to Americans who legally receive entitlements because that would go against liberal orthodoxy.

There is no question that Janet Hasson should be dismissed by the Gannett Corporation. But in the meantime loons on the other side are issuing death threats and publishing personal information about Journal News personnel. That is also unacceptable. You will not win any debate by lowering yourself to a morally wrong position.

"The Journal News" violated the privacy of law abiding Americans, period. The newspaper is shamed. It will never recover in the minds of fair-minded people. However, by issuing threats and trying to bring personal harm to those at that newspaper, you lose the debate.

For example, President Obama actually benefited in the election because some of his opponents demeaned him personally. My ratings go higher when my opponents cheap shot and lie about me. If your position is solid, sell that don't act like a thug.

Janet Hasson has forfeited her place among responsible journalists. Gannett should understand that and take appropriate action. And that's the issue and nothing else.

And that's "The Memo."