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Cavuto: House won't look outside the box

Neil weighs in on Boehner victory


So John Boehner lives to fight another day and a few more cliffs. The embattled speaker of the House is still the speaker of the House -- probably because, in the end, there weren't any good alternatives in the House.

So why didn't they look outside the House? They could have.

It's true. There's no law that says the speaker of the House has to come from the House or, for that matter, even be a congressman.

House members can choose anyone they want. They've always wanted one of their own. So are we ever really surprised -- whether it's Speaker Boehner or before him Speaker Pelosi -- we just get more of the same?

Same arguing. Same punting.

I don't know. All I do know is it wouldn't be the same old game with speaker Sigourney Weaver running the show.

And while we're considering actors, you can't leave out Clint.

He'd be different. And, if he can talk to a chair and get a laugh, trust me, "Speaker You Feeling Lucky, Punk?" can talk to a president and get a deal.

Or how about Apollo 13 commander, Jim Lovell? Who better to fix Washington's problems than a guy who tackled a far more pressing problem?

Or maybe instead of a speaker sweating the same old budget details, we should have Speaker Richard Simmons, just sweating to the oldies?

Or if you're looking for someone slightly more thoughtful, someone with whom you can make a deal and bare your soul, who better than the eHarmony guy who's helped thousands find their soul mate?

No eHarmony guy.

Or astronaut guy.

Or ridiculously short shorts guy.

Or actor talking to a chair guy.

Or Sigourney just taking out guys.

Back to this guy. Nice guy. Safe guy. A guy who's not afraid to cry or curse.

There might come a time when Washington tires of business-as-usual, but it's clear today was not that time.

Richard, sorry, you'll have to sweat this one out a little longer.