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Cavuto: It's a 'wonder' Boehner didn't curse more

Neil reacts to level of tension in 'cliff' talks


So apparently House Speaker John Boehner told Senator Harry Reid to do something that was anatomically impossible.

Told him to go -- how can I say it delicately...

Rhymes with "chuck himself."

He said so twice.

Fox confirming it happened last Friday at the White House, just steps from the Oval Office.

Now, I knew these "cliff" negotiations got tense, I didn't realize "this" tense.

Now, neither Boehner nor Reid are talking much about it.

Although Politico reports that Boehner was actually boasting to House colleagues about it.

So, for what it's worth, I think it's true.

And by the way, for what it's worth, I think it's entirely justified.

Particularly coming as it reportedly did, just a day after Reid accused Boehner -- behind his back -- of running a dictatorship in the House; that he was more concerned about hanging onto his job than striking a deal.

Now, leaving aside, Boehner clearly risked his job by doing the very thing that his own troops would call an anathema to any deal -- hiking taxes.

And that he might have all but sealed his doom, agreeing to those higher taxes without so much as a token gesture in spending cuts in return from Harry Reid.

In fact, the deal ultimately agreed to has 41 times more tax hikes than spending cuts. Not one-to-one, or two-to-one, or three-to-one, or four-to-one...41-to-1!!!!

So I could well understand the Speaker speaking the way he did at a guy who wasn't remotely doing what he said.

My gosh, it is a wonder, to me, Boehner didn't drop the f-bomb more.

The irony here is that Boehner could lose his job trying to make a deal, and Harry Reid will likely keep his job offering the same old deal.

No, Boehner's a boar for being blunt and telling the other guy "to" his face what he thought.

But Reid's an angel, for being a phony and preferring to rip the other guy only behind his back.

This isn't about a speaker losing it my friends.

This little exchange is more about a phony decorum that tries to hide it.

What is weird is that folks like Boehner and Eric Cantor are called "fiscal stiffs" on the cover of today's New York Daily News, for having serious issues with a rescue bill for Sandy victims because it wasn't going to just Sandy victims but Democrats happy to sign a $60 billion blank check are "saints," tapping that same dough, and feeling happy to tap it, to repair things like Smithsonian Museum roofs and plant trees in Ohio. Untold millions for items that had nothing to do with Sandy, so not exactly "dandy."

It is a wonder Boehner didn't curse more.

It's even more of a wonder why the media didn't wish he did.

That's not fair, that's not right, that is wrong. Would it ever kill us to get the other side of the story? Would we ever try?