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SEAN HANNITY, HOST OF "HANNITY": Now a road trip turned into a nightmare for a brave Marine who briefly served in both Afghanistan and Iraq. Here's what happened, 27- year-old Jon Hammar was en route to Costa Rica for a surfing trip to help deal with his post traumatic stress disorder when he was arrested for carrying this antique shotgun that was owned by his grandfather.

According to reports, Hammar registered the gun with U.S. Customs and He was told that when he crosses the border, he should register it in Mexico. But this turned out not to be the case because on August 20th, when Hammar tried to register the gun, legally, when he crossed the border, he was arrested and charged with carrying a deadly weapon and thrown in jail. Now, here it is, four months later, Jon is still sitting in a notoriously dangerous prison and until a couple of days ago, he was chained to a bed. Now Jon's parents have been told that they would kill his son unless they wire thousands of dollars to a Western Union account. Now Jon's parents Olivia and Jon Hammar Sr. are living a nightmare and demanding that their son be released and you might be able to help them. Here are the patients, Olivia and John. Thank you both for being here.

JON HAMMAR SR., JON HAMMAR'S FATHER: Thank you for having us Sean.

HANNITY: He served in Iraq and Afghanistan, has PTSD. He tried to get help, going on vacation. He gets to the American border. He tells them he has the gun, right, Olivia?



OLIVIA HAMMER: He disclosed it with the U.S. Customs side. They took pictures and weighed it. They gave him a registration paper to take to the Mexican Customs.

HANNITY: He's supposed to cross the border and hand that to the Mexican officials as he was told to do. Is that what happened?


HANNITY: OK, what happens next?

OLIVIA HAMMAR: He was immediately arrested. He declared the weapon and he was immediately arrested?

HANNITY: He is declaring the weapon, not like he is trying to smuggle this thing into Mexico. And they arrest him. This is back in August! What happened since then and what is the status, how can we help get your son home by Christmas?

JON HAMMAR SR.: After they arrested him, we got a call from the U.S. Consulate that he had been arrested. Then, a couple of days after that, we got a call from someone who said, this is not about the police. We have your son. If you don't wire $1800 to a Western Union account, we are going to kill him.

Here he is. This is -- listen to him. Talk to him and so, we talked to him. And we said, how? We don't -- I don't know -- I am not sure about Western Union. He said we will call you back with an account number.

HANNITY: This corruption had to be happening within the Mexican jail.

JON HAMMER SR.: That was inside -- it was inside the prison, yes, because -- then we called the consulate and told them what was going on, as we are trying to figure out the Western Union account number. And they said, well, we are on it. We are going to call the prison officials and get to the bottom of it and have him isolated.

HANNITY: Olivia, I know that Barack Obama doesn't really listen to me. But this might be an opportunity for him to step up, tell the Mexican government, release this kid, an American hero, who has been suffering in this prison since August. What's the status and how can people help you?

OLIVIA HAMMAR: We are just asking for everyone to talk to their lawmakers. I mean, I would make a personal plea to the president to contact, you know, this new incoming president, Enrique of Mexico and just ask him to resolve this case and send him home.

This has gone on too long. It's a ridiculous case. I think they know it's a ridiculous case because it was an accident. It is a case that they are -- their own military has sent letters to the judge and it is prosecutors saying this gun is want on the restricted list that is trying to restrict, you know assault rifle, essentially. They are saying, this isn't anything like this and the prosecutors and the judges have refused to consider that. So I'm just -- I am asking the president to get involved at this point.

HANNITY: All right, I have put up a petition on my website and people can help. You guys are going to be in our thoughts and prayers. Our hope is that Jon gets home before Christmas and somebody at the State Department, somebody at the White House, steps up and handles this. Thank you both.

OLIVIA HAMMAR: Thank you very having us.

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