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Cavuto: We all have it in us to be great

Viewers react to 'Fly Me to the Moon' special


We reported.

You decided.

Apparently our special on the 40th anniversary of the last man to walk on the moon and what led up to it, was well worth it.

Retired Lt. Col. Richard, San Antonio, Texas.

"Fox has a number of fine specials, but yours set a much higher standard for the future...'Fly Me to the Moon' was superb and inspiring. Well done, Neil."

Well, done, "team," colonel...they did the heavy lifting...I was just going along for the incredible ride and these incredible astronauts.

Mark e-mails.

"Thank you so much for the awesome broadcast...your special brought back a lot of memories."

Carol in new York.

"I'm still crying. My goodness, that was so moving. Thank you, and thank you more for remembering our heroes."

Nolan in Plano, Texas.

"Neil, simply a fantastic special...thank you so much for your love of our space program and being able to bring a glimpse of it to us."

Alice in Lakewood, Calif.

"i was part of the Apollo Program, just a little person, and I got goose bumps watching... As it brought back such good memories of that era."

Justin e-mails.

"Neil... Awesome... It gives a new perspective that I can only hope doesn't wear off for a couple of days."

Janet in Sinking Spring, Pa.

"...brought back many memories of watching coverage of all those missions. What heroes they were!!"

Indeed they were...and are, Janet.

Kevin in Pittsburgh.

"I’m normally not a fan of yours; always found you too obsessed with money. But it's nice to see, not always, not last night with that special. Sometimes you reach for the stars..."

"... And last night, you tugged at my heart, which is weird, because up until your special, all I wanted to tug was your throat."

Thank you, Kevin, I think.

Carla via Yahoo.

"You mentioned you always wanted to be an astronaut but realized as a kid you couldn't fit in the capsule... Relax, Neil, last night, and with this special, you did...Easily."

Tom via AOL.

"You kid about being a super hero... Last night, watching you interview all these real astronaut heroes, I realized you were something more..."

"... A class act who never forgot what made this country great. Congratulations, sir. You 'are' the right stuff."

Wow, Tom. High praise, indeed...

Kevin emails.

"Frankly, I don't know where you fit in the time with cliff specials, conventions, debates and all the other stuff you do... But no offense to those other efforts..."

".. This special was your crowning achievement. Go ahead and die now, because you'll never top it."

Ooookay, Kevin...let's just say I'll hold off on that idea...for now.

Felix, NYC.

"Why can't we have great heroes like these guys anymore? You said we share their DNA, but who exactly? I don't see it."

I do, Felix. We all do.

We all have it within us to be great.

I hope if you got anything out of this special -- on which so many toiled far more than I -- it is this-

And I'm gonna be blunt-

You don't have to be an astronaut...

To see how so many of our leaders have become asses.

These astronauts won't say that. Allow me.

They won't say they're disgusted by how our politicians behave.

So allow me.

Allow me to draw the comparison...

Between heroes who pointed to the stars...

And leaders who'd prefer to point fingers at each other.

Too busy reaching for the jugular, than simply reaching for solutions.

They won't say that insults them and their character.

Allow me to insult what's become of us and how it saps all our character.

Remember when we did these great things? Impossible things?

We still can, you know.

Why do we automatically assume we can't?

Why can't we stop saying "can't"?

Why can't we be extraordinary?

...quoting from my friend Gene Cernan, the last man to walk on the moon, "There is nothing we can't do if we put our minds to it."

Are we so deep in debt that we haven't only run out of money, we've run out of ideas?

So bankrupt as a nation, that we've bankrupted our values?

So disconnected from this financial pit we dug...

That we've forgotten, we dug it? So we can dig ourselves out of it?

Surely you don't have to have gone to the moon to see the lunacy of our politicians now.

Surely, we owe it to the men whose quests we've now relegated to a museum in Florida...not to mothball their enthusiasm forever.

After all, they climbed the highest cliff.

Are you really telling me we can't settle a stupid fiscal cliff?

Washington, tell that to these guys?

To their face.