Ambassador Anna Wintour?

President Obama considering Vogue editor for European ambassadorship


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ANDREA TANTAROS, CO-HOST: Now, from the speaker wearing Brooks Brothers to the devil who wears Prada. All that money Vogue editor Anna Wintour helped raise to get President Obama re-elected could actually be paying off for her right now. Bloomberg News is reporting that she is on the short list to be the next ambassador to the U.K. or to France.

So, Dana, I want to give a hat tip to The New York Post, which is owned by the parent company of this network, which has been reporting this on Page Six numerous times, that she was trying to audition by fundraisers and doing these glossy spreads in her magazine.

So, what do you think?


TANTAROS: Quid pro quo?

DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: Yes, I do. I think that -- look, she is an accomplished woman. Well, she is. If you have a movie made about you that says you're the devil, I mean, you have done something.

GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: That happened to you once.


PERINO: Coming out next spring.

TANTAROS: That was a home video that made you, Greg. And we don't want to talk about that.

PERINO: Reserving comment whether or not she deserves it and would be a good ambassador, I do think that this is probably likely. We talked about this about eight months ago when she had a big event here. And somebody in her camp slipped it out that, hey, she would love to be the U.K. ambassador. Those things get around and I think it could probably happen.

TANTAROS: Do you think it's real, Greg or do you think it's her floating her own name for job?

GUTFELD: I mean, I kinda would like to send her away. I mean, remember, England sent us Victoria Beckham. It's like a stick figure exchange program. I would have used another word but I decided to be clean.

Yes, I think this is something like she tells an assistant to float this and it helps her keep her job for another year. So, I don't believe --


ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: Last year, we had the same issue --

GUTFELD: We did the same story.


TANTAROS: No, Eric, this is the same woman that did the glossy spread on Bashar Assad, the Syrian dictator who's murdered all his people. So, great judgment, don't you think?

PERINO: On his wife.

BOLLING: Dana's point, does she deserve it? I mean, there are I mean, does Ambassador Rice deserve to be secretary of state?

GUTFELD: Will Obama protect her?

BOLLING: It's crazy. But what we need to point out, Bob, you can talk to this a little bit more, but these ambassadorships are paybacks. They're give-backs. They're very, very common on both sides of the aisle.

BOB BECKEL, CO-HOST: There's three of them both sides. Three posts particularly there -- France, Britain and Bermuda. Those are the three that people want.

TANTAROS: You want Bermuda?

BECKEL: I certainly would.

GUTFELD: No, you want Thailand.

BECKEL: That would be excellent.

BOLLING: Or California.




PERINO: Hawaii.

BECKEL: But seriously, this is nothing new. They give it to big contributors, every administration does it.

PERINO: Or they give it to someone extremely accomplished. George H.W. Bush was offered that position in the early -- when was that, in the '70s? He decided to go to China instead. That was considered -- not necessarily a hardship post, but it wasn't the grand lovely post that you get at the U.K. That residence there is beautiful.

TANTAROS: Can we switch gears? We're talking about England and France. But let's switch gears and go across The Pond and talk about how one headline says it's the nation's joy but a husband's nerves and Kate expectations.

Yes, the princess is pregnant. I know, Bob, you are excited about this story.

But do you think we are obsessed with her as well? I can see why the British do it. Is it too much?

BECKEL: Yes. It's too much. I can look at her for a long time. The dude next to her is sort of ugly. But, I mean, outside of that. I mean, we're getting absurd with this. They're sending anchors over to cover somebody who's pregnant. I mean, what are they going to cover?

TANTAROS: They must do it because it sells, Dana, right? People are interested.

PERINO: Absolutely. In America, too. You pick up, you know, I subscribed a couple years ago to the Hollywood magazines it. You can't open one for not buying a picture of her. I like following her as well. I'm happy for them. But I definitely do not want to follow nine months of a pregnancy.

TANTAROS: What do you think, Eric? I know you are going to be glued to every diaper, every dress, every shoe.

BOLLING: I could honestly care less. But I do think it's interesting that they change the rules. It doesn't matter if they have a boy or girl. She or he will be now third in line in succession, right?


GUTFELD: By the way, the big story you're missing is the father is Russell Brand. I can't believe you missed that story.


GUTFELD: Nobody's talking about it.

TANTAROS: You lived in England. Were you obsessed with this when you lived in England?


TANTAROS: I can see you arguing what about what's the big deal.

GUTFELD: This is the closest England has to space aliens. They're like not real -- they treat them something other than people. They come out every now and then.

BECKEL: But they do the ceremonial stuff well, though, right?

GUTFELD: They do.

PERINO: Pomp and circumstance.

BECKEL: Right. I mean, they march right and they have the funny hats but they usually look pretty good.

PERINO: The queen would be a great grandmother. That actually might be a first.

GUTFELD: Why can't animals be royalty, Dana?

PERINO: They are in my house.

GUTFELD: I know they are. That's the scary part.

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