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Cavuto: Being liked matters a lot in a presidential race

Contender is just as likeable as the president


If you're President gotta like being likable.

Because no matter what people say about your policies, most seem to like you as a person.

And don't ever think that doesn't matter.

Being liked matters. A lot.

Just ask George Bush, who lost debate points to John Kerry, but was consistently deemed more likable than John Kerry...

Then went on to defeat John Kerry.

Or Ronald Reagan, who up until that debate with jimmy carter, was thought all but a detestable bomb-throwing, Chablis-drinking fat cat, then, charmed the pants off the nation...and got elected by the a landslide.

So don't sell likability short.

Just worry, if you're Barack Obama that on the likability front, your opponent's just pulled even.

Mitt Romney now viewed just as likable as the president.

On the heels of other surveys showing more Americans find him to be just as competent as the president.

Here's why I think that could be worrisome for the president.

He's lost his edge in the one area he's always had it.

The guy with whom voters would prefer to have a beer.

Now they'd just as soon saddle up to the counter to swig a frosty with Romney.

...which is really weird, because Romney's a Mormon, and doesn't drink!

But talk about a potential wicked hangover for the president.

Through the weakest of recoveries and the most controversial rescues...

Through the Solyndras that burned up...

And the healthcare law surprises that keep popping up...

It's the one thing that for the president has always held up.

Gosh, we like the guy.

We like him as a dad. We like him as a person.

And lo and behold...

This Bain guy, this evil corporate guy, this vilified 47 percent guy, this all but painted "Lucifer in pinstripes" now...

Just as likable. Just as endearing.

Which is why so many Democrats are worrying.

Their guy's secret weapon is now the other guy's too.

Like some mutual destruction admiration society.

What's "not" to like if you're Mitt Romney?

What's "not" to hate...if you're Barack Obama?

Forget foreign policy...

Did Romney just score on the even more crucial...?

"Friend" policy?