Mainstream media letting America down?

Gutfeld: Freedom of speech is only valuable if you exercise it


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GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: So, it seems to me that Mitt and Barack are opposite like the Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote, Goofus and Gallant, Bill Maher and comedy.

Obama was elected by soaring rhetoric exalted by adoring media. Mitt however needs supporters to help make his case for him.

The problem is most of Mitt's supporters don't have TV shows or newspapers, which explains why every morning show ate up Romney's 47 percent remarks. But Obama redistribution remark got zilch.

In light of Obama's appearance is partying with Jay-Z, you reminded once again that Romney has always been the underdog team, fighting without cheerleaders. Not that they'll care, but something has to be stated to America's mainstream media.

You're letting the country down.

We know you prefer Obama. We got that! But the thing that separates America from the rest of the world, from even our European allies is the First Amendment. But freedom of speech is only valuable if you exercise it. You're abdicating it, in service to your election prejudices.

You sold yourself cheap. You're setting a horrible precedence. You're destroying your profession and damaging this country's tradition of free debate.

Happily, Monica Lewinsky may return with a book about her tryst with Bill Clinton. Who doesn't love an elicit love affair with a president that jeopardizes a country. Sorry, enough about Obama and the media. I can't wait for the Lewinsky book.

All right, Eric.


GUTFELD: I'm going to you first.

CBS, "Good Morning, America," "Today" show, they spent loads of time on Romney remarks and almost zero on redistribution. Why?

BOLLING: CBS has to plan the upcoming season. They have to make sure that President Obama sits down with Scott Pelley a whole bunch of times and gives him a hard-hitting journalistic stuff they get out of him when they talk to him.

Look, it's mainstream media liberal bias. They'll pick out the 47 percent comment because they feel a weakness. It's popping down the liberal radar, but they won't go after President Obama.

By the way, NBC this afternoon, Andrea Mitchell said they weren't rolling on NBC or MSNBC because they weren't sure if it was Obama.

KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE, CO-HOST: They could authenticate, right.

BOLLING: But the Washington Post has already had comment from Obama saying it was Obama's -- his voice. I don't know. It's clear liberal bias and it's almost embarrassing.

GUILFOYLE: And the best he doesn't have to pay a dime for it. He is out there raising the money. Mainstream media is doing a far better job to carry the water and make a case for him. Then they disproportionately cover something Romney does, they won't cover anything for Obama redistribution. They don't cover that. They're not going to give that any air time.

GUTFELD: Dana, could they make the argument with Obama said was a long time ago?

DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: Sure. They did.

And the other thing said on the other channel was they were trying to talk about class warfare and that is trying to change the subject. But that is the subject. That is what we led with. That is the choice of America's --

GUILFOYLE: It's relevant, isn't it, Dana, because it's also very consistent with his policies and his administration and the program that he supports and chooses --

PERINO: Well, they're not enshrining themselves in glory this -- what are you doing?

GUTFELD: Bob, what are you doing?

BOB BECKEL, CO-HOST: Getting ready for my part of the segment.

GUILFOYLE: He's talking. What are you doing?

GUTFELD: Bob, care to comment on this?

BECKEL: Yes. I will say that it is 3 years old. So, I suppose somebody could have brought it up as well as us. Yesterday, Greg went to elite teachers -- colleges across America filling all of our students with communist thoughts. (INAUDIBLE) started a program here, just begin, Greg --

GUILFOYLE: What are you doing?

BECKEL: These are schools that are self-described conservative and conservative universities. Providence College, Claremont McKenna, Ashton University, Lee University, Mississippi State University, Oklahoma State University, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Wharton, Geneva, Southern Methodist, Texas.

I could go on and on and on.

PERINO: What does that have to do with media bias?

BECKEL: You said the media comes out of these schools and that they're preprogrammed by these instructors to be liberals. I'm started to list of schools that are conservative and they go on for hundreds of pages.

GUTFELD: I don't know if it's hundreds of pages.

BECKEL: I just started.

GUILFOYLE: There are three pages.

BECKEL: You want me to keep going? Rice. St. John's --


GUTFELD: A lot of those are not journalism schools, by the way.

BOLLING: There are 30 names on the list, 10,000 institutions in America.

BECKEL: I only got just started.

GUILFOYLE: We don't have time for that.

BECKEL: Of course you don't. Get time for something substantive and serious.


GUTFELD: So, last week, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius found violation of federal law against engaging in political activity. She gave speech and while she gave a speech to call for Obama's re-election, the White House briefings, maybe Jake Tapper brought it up. I don't know.

PERINO: It was on Drudge for several days, goading the press into asking him about it.

BOLLING: And then Jay Carney was asked about it and said -- by the way, it's violation of Hatch Act. Carney said don't worry, we'll fix it.

Pay for a trip so it's campaign event.

Again, you know, whether it's the Stock Act or the Hatch Act, people answer different rules than the rest of the public.

GUILFOYLE: They hide.

BOLLING: Can I just update one quick story that we did yesterday? DOJ, head of the communication department at DOJ, Tracy Schmaler, a group of Republican congressmen who are calling for Media Matters to lose the 501c3 status because of working with Tracy Schmaler. I think Tracy Schmaler, maybe she should step down and get fired for what she's done.

BECKEL: These are Republican congressmen?

BOLLING: Yes, they are.

PERINO: P.S. at the end of the other letter.

BECKEL: Any Democrats on the list? I didn't think so.


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