Common Sense

Cavuto: We are out of dough

The benefits keep coming, the money does not


Let's forget who's offended, here's what you should find offensive.

Not who makes up the 47 percent paying no federal income taxes, and whether they should be dismissed...

But that sobering fact 47 percent are paying no income taxes, and no one in the media's so much as bothered.

That's what bothers me.

Not whether Mitt Romney was inelegant.

But whether we as a nation are idiots.

So wrapped up on whose nose should be out of joint...

That we're missing the simple fact we're out of dough in this joint...this country...

This great entitlement society...

..Where the benefits keep coming.

But the money does not.

That's what's so staggering.

The fact that those costs are so staggering.

And they keep soaring.

And with half the folks in this country "not" paying in...

You don't have to be an "elegant Einstein" to figure this out.

We implode.


Now you can talk about raising taxes on the upper income because that's only fair.

And say not a word about half the folks paying no income taxes because I guess that "is" fair...

But I'm not here to debate solutions...

Just advocate we start coming up with them.

Because we're 16 trillion bucks in the hole, my friends.

And we're adding to that debt at a rate of four billion smackers a day.

A day!!

There's no elegant way to say that's a pretty big bomb.

Just like there's no elegant way to say we don't have a pot to piss in.