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Senate candidate on his race in Missouri


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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST OF "YOUR WORLD": Remember that Missouri Senate race once Republicans had all but given up on, calling for Congressman Todd Akin just to get out of the race over those rape comments? I could go on and on here.

Suffice it to say a guy who looked lost in the polls; down as much as 10 points a little more than couple of weeks ago is dead even in the latest. You heard me right. Todd Akin is dead even with Claire McCaskill in some of the latest polls coming out of Missouri since all the developments.

First on Fox, the congressman himself, Todd Akin.

Congressman, good to you have. Thank you.

REP. TODD AKIN, R-MO.: Neil, it's a pleasure to join you and your great audience this afternoon.

CAVUTO: This is a bit of a startling development and I don't know whether Republicans are glad or perplexed. What do you think?

AKIN: Well, it's probably a mixed message. What we're hearing here is there is a tremendous grassroots level of support not just in Missouri but across the whole nation because I think people have thought about this a little bit after the initial response and they say, wait a minute, the people of Missouri elected someone, do we want party bosses appointing someone?

And I think a whole lot of people are coming down on the side of an election is an election and we don't want to set the precedent that party bosses pick someone. From that point of view, the support has been very strong. We get around the state and people are shaking hands and saying stay in there, be strong, you're going to win it.

CAVUTO: Nevertheless, even with your surge, when I talked to the likes of Reince Priebus and others, they say not another penny for you, Mitch McConnell, no support for you.

So, they're not exactly rallying around you.

AKIN: Well, if you are talking about money, we have been receiving some money in the office from people, small contributions, but lots and lots of them.

Neil, if you want to help, just We'd love to have you on the bandwagon.


CAVUTO: It's not out of the question.

I'm sorry. But, Congressman, it is not out of the question you could still win this thing. Then the issue comes up that I raised with Mitch McConnell, the Senate Republican leader, as to how you would then vote. Would you be angry at Republicans and not vote with them? Would you be an independent? How would you vote?

AKIN: Let me say this, Neil.

I am deeply concerned about America. That's why I've been doing the things I've been doing for years. This is not about me. This is about fixing an economy that is fundamentally broken. It's about people without jobs. It's about a government that's taking our freedom, and that's out-of-control.

I will work with anyone that wants to get America back on track and make sure that the government is the servant and no longer the master.

CAVUTO: You didn't quite answer my question whether you would be accepted into the Republican fold, whether you would recoil at that. What would you do? Mitch McConnell would reach out to you.

He was telling me when I was at the Republican Convention last week, congressman; he thinks you would vote with Republicans that it's kind of in your DNA to vote with Republicans anyway. I didn't get the idea that bygones would be bygones but that he would see you as a Republican senator helping what he hopes would a Republican majority. Is that right?

AKIN: Let me make it clear. I would do absolutely everything in my power to work with his team and the team that's going to try to put our economy and America back on track.

I'm fully behind him and I am fully behind our great team of Ryan, who I worked with in the House, and the entire Republican platform. It is fine. I'm on board with all of that.

CAVUTO: And you wouldn't have any beef with the Paul Ryan's who said you should step down, the Mitt Romney's who said you should step down, and Mitch McConnell's who said you should step down and on and on and on? You wouldn't harbor any kind of ill will?

AKIN: No, actually, I'm pretty much a person that forgives someone when I'm asked -- somebody wants to be forgiven.

As I said, it's not about me. It's about doing what is right for our country. You take a look at where we are issues wise. This Claire McCaskill I'm running against, wow, what a contrast. We had 71 percent of people in Missouri voted no on ObamaCare.

Of course, I voted to repeal it 30 times. She was the deciding vote to pass ObamaCare. That's why this race is really going to be based on her voting record and that is why money is not the whole thing. It is about, how has she voted? In the state of Missouri, I have an A from the National Rifle Association and she has an F, and that is a big deal in our state.

And of course the economy and jobs are in the tank. People understand $16 trillion that our grandchildren will have to pay, this is a big deal.


CAVUTO: By the way, we did reach out to Senator McCaskill and we've not yet heard back from her. But hopes springs eternal. But, congressman, you obviously have regretted your comments, the rape comment. But it does me make want to follow up with this one. And I know you have asked this and -- answered this in various ways. But do you believe a woman who becomes pregnant through a rape; should she feel free to have an abortion? Do you make a distinction for pregnancies in the event of rape?

AKIN: Well, you know, what I've done, as I've said all the way along -- and I've answered this question now for a couple of weeks -- I basically support the plank in the Republican platform.

You have to decide when does life begin. And I have never apologized for being pro-life or understanding that life begins at conception. But I'll tell you Claire McCaskill is completely on the other side of that spectrum. She supports abortions all the way through the ninth month and even the partial-birth abortion. She has not voted against that.


CAVUTO: I understand, sir.

But you would be, in that event, does it matter the means by which someone becomes pregnant, whether through rape or consensual sex, that that child should be carried to term?

AKIN: As I said, I believe life starts at conception. And I don't apologize for that. That is the same platform as we have in the Republican Party. And so I believe that answers your question, Neil.

CAVUTO: All right, Congressman, thank you very, very much. Very good having you, Todd Akin.


CAVUTO: The senatorial candidate in Missouri. All right.

AKIN: Thank you.

CAVUTO: Dead even in some of these latest polls. This could add a bit of a drama to the fall campaign.

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