Common Sense

Cavuto: Politics is like the weather

There's an expression in some tropical locales that goes..."If you don't like the weather, stick around, it'll change."

And they're right. It does. Often.

Politics is the same.

Week at this time Mitt Romney was on defense and his campaign was in trouble.

A bad trip abroad...constant pecking over his tax returns here.

Not even his VP pick went smoothly.

Democrats seizing on the choice of Paul Ryan as proof Republicans want to gut Medicare.

Then...the tape...

No, not that one. More on that later.

This one.

The president himself acknowledging cuts to Medicare to save healthcare.

...which kind of left Obama campaign manager David Axelrod with egg on his face for saying this.

Then, of course..."this."

Which got this angry response from a not so amused former Democratic Virginia Governor Doug Wilder.

So, not a good week for Democrats.

But I suspect, much like the weather, hardly gloating time for Republicans.

This stuff the weather.

Like when the president helped bring down Usama bin Laden and it seemed he couldn't be beat.

Then the jobless numbers got worse and it seemed there was no way for him to win.

Like when Romney's business credentials were his biggest asset and he couldn't lose.

Until folks started focusing on all that money of his, and no way in heck he could win.

That's why I don't think it's a good idea to base a campaign on the latest snapshot.

Because once it's snapped, we just move on...

To the next shot.