Sandra Fluke vs. Chick-fil-A employee

The difference between Sandra and Rachel


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GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: So, Sandra Fluke introduced President Obama at campaign stop in Colorado. Fluke has been a left wing poster child since she demanded free birth control pills from Catholic institutions. Never mind the pills are cheaper than a basic cell phone bill; the left still hoists her up.

But in the limelight again, she begs comparison to me someone who to me is so much unlike her, it's scary. I speak of Rachel, the Chick-fil-A employee who was harassed by that chucklehead Adam Smith.

For starters, one makes a living demanding something. The other earns her way offering something. One condemns opponents as purveyors of discrimination. The other forgives those who abuse her. One gets a free ride from the liberal press. One will be ignored, of course, by the same. One will likely get a job in the media. The other one knows real work. That's it, really.

I bet Sandra thinks what she does is important. Rachel by comparison seems less heroic. After all, she's never been invited to speak before congressional committees. And she probably never read Naomi Wolf.

But alas, Rachel holds down a real job dealing with true adversaries and untenable positions. No time at all for greeting the president.

So, yes, Rachel is nothing like Sandra, which is why the media has no idea who Rachel is, and never will. Lucky, Rachel. The fact is, Rachels are our country's life blood, even if they aren't on Obama's speed dial.

Hey, I want to play -- Rachel was on with Stuart Varney on "Cavuto" yesterday when asked about the bozo that harassed her. Let's play a little bit of that, shall we?




RACHEL ELIZABETH, CHICK-FIL-A EMPLOYEE: I do forgive Adam Smith. I think he realizes how bad of a decision it was to make that tape. I feel really sorry for him and his family and everything that happened to him since Wednesday.

Chick-fil-A is about treating people with honor, dignity and respect.

We don't -- like I said, we don't, you know, treat anyone differently, no matter what their background is or their political decisions or anything like that. I don't know if I'm a hero. I'm just a service worker doing my job.


GUTFELD: Wow, you know, she's not only sweet, she's huge. See her compare to the buildings in the back? Amazing.

All right. Now, let's compare her to fluke.


SANDRA FLUKE: But Mr. Romney is offering us only dangerous promises to take us backwards. And I have to take him at his word, because he says on day one he is going to kill ObamaCare dead.


PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: The decisions that affect a woman's health, they're not up to politicians. They're not up to insurance companies. They are up to you.


OBAMA: And you deserve a president who will fight to keep it that way.


GUTFELD: We want free stuff. We want free stuff.

Kimberly, OK, so --

KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE, CO-HOST: Everybody wants a goody bag. Come on.

GUTFELD: If you put those two women side by side and you see how much President Obama loves Sandra Fluke.


GUTFELD: What does it say? One is the backbone of America and the other wants something from America.

GUILFOYLE: One is a political opportunist --


GUILFOYLE: -- who is out to make a name for herself to profit from this. I hope she's happy and she wants people to applaud her and she wants to be the heroine in all of this. But you know what? I think it looks like it was very contrived, and that's she's an artificial person, not authentic compared to the other girl, Rachel, who is what we stand for in this country. She's working hard, working her way up, working at a company.

And she was a great spokesperson for them.

GUTFELD: She even said she'd meet with the dope head that bothered her. That's how nice she is.

PERINO: She has -- we could learn a lot from her. There's a lot of forgiveness in her heart, which admire a lot.

But you know what have been brilliant by President Obama? Do you remember when he called Sandra Fluke and that like became a big deal? He called her and felt bad for her and everything. And now, she's out on the trail with him.

It would have been really smart for him to do is if he called Rachel.



PERINO: If he would have called Rachel and said, I'm sorry that happened to you, I appreciate all you're doing -- can you imagine? That would have been great. It would have been better -- it would be a good thing to do. It would be great PR.

GUILFOYLE: Thank goodness you're not advising him.

PERINO: Thank God.

GUTFELD: But, Eric, until Rachel becomes a community organizer who's interested in raising awareness, Obama is never going to know her.

ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: No, he has no interest in her. First, I'm glad you didn't play a sound bite from the guy who tore her apart, along the lines of he's got his moment of -- let's get rid of him. Second of all, put the tube next to each other, one of them -- one of them is an upstanding, hardworking American, backbone of America, exactly patriotic, what everyone should be able and should want their daughter be like her. And the other, the fact that she's even on TV is a fluke.

GUTFELD: Oh, that was all for that? All for that?

Bob, is this -- you know, going back -- are we returning to the war on women meme? Romney is going to take away our pills.

BOB BECKEL, CO-HOST: No, I think that -- first of all, I think that Rachel is a very, very good media person. I mean, she came across -- I think that's right. She came across as humble and a very decent person.

But having said that, in defense of Fluke, she was called a slut by Rush Limbaugh. Now c'mon, that is about as lousy --

PERINO: Well, and she got an apology.

BECKEL: Well, she got an apology. But it's a little bit different.

She was not -- the other girl was not called a name. Frankly, when you put up --


GUTFELD: She was abused, Bob.

BECKEL: Wait, wait, when you put up women's productive right against Chick-fil-A, I just don't think it's an issue.

PERINO: That was a treatment of women.

GUTFELD: When a jerk off leftist goes to some woman's work and starts abusing her, that's an issue.


GUTFELD: And he does it in the name of an issue.

BECKEL: You got one guy who has 20 million people in his audience and the other who's --

PERINO: Who tried to get 20 million on YouTube.


BOLLING: Can we just point out? We're not talking about women's rights here. We're talking about who is paying for contraceptives. Not whether or not women have access to it. But who was going to pay for it.

In fact, there's a thing running around Twitter and the Internet saying, with the pictures of Sandra Fluke there and says, my body, my mind, your money. It sums it up.

BECKEL: Sandra Fluke was horribly abused by not only Rush Limbaugh but a lot of conservatives --


GUILFOYLE: She is a political shell. The whole thing was manufactured, OK?

GUTFELD: She met with the president! The president called her and said I expect big things from you. So she will.

Her road is paved with activism.

PERINO: And the Georgetown cocktail circuit.

BECKEL: I think that's good.


BECKEL: Is she going to be a lawyer? Is she a lawyer?

GUILFOYLE: President of NOW.

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