Common Sense

Cavuto: Let the games begin

There's a lot our young athletes could teach our aging politicians


Let the games begin.

And let our politicians learn that the key to getting a medal, is putting in the time. That before the bows later, you damn near have to break your body first.

Take it from kids who sacrificed to get where they are. You have give up a lot along the way.

When everyone's going out for some drinks, and you're staying behind and doing laps. When you feel the urge to slip, but instead, just suit up and work.

There's a lot our young athletes could teach our aging politicians -- the value of not taking the easy route and not going for the quick solution.

Leave it to these kids to realize there are no short cuts in life, no easy outs in life. That sometimes you have to give up a lot to push your body just a little. A little more than anyone else before you're suddenly a marvel to everyone else.

Their time is now. They've worked for it. Trained very hard for it. They saw this date on a calendar and meticulously planned for it for years.

It makes you think about our politicians who see their own Olympic date on a calendar and have conveniently ignore it for years. December 31st of this year, when a potential crisis of Olympic financial proportions hits them and hits us.

All the tax breaks that expire. All the tax rates that expire. All the automatic cuts that kick in and the alternative tax fixes that phase out.

It has been staring at 'em like an Olympic swimmer's butterfly medal event for years. Yet all they've been doing is flap their arms for years. And not so much as a passing glance of concern from any of 'em now.

It'd be like our athletes showing up looking like me at today's opening ceremonies.

A little overweight. A lot out of shape. Very much out of luck.

Our best and youngest athletes wouldn't even think of doing that.

Washington, look at yourselves. What the hell are you doing now? And don't tell me you're going to the Olympics.