Common Sense

Cavuto: A good attitude shouldn't be amazing

Our expectations are so low, we don't expect much


So I'm reading this hotel survey that concludes we're not apparently thrilled with hotels...

And I'm thinking to myself...this isn't just about the pools being the right temperature or the room service being on time...this about the hospitality industry not being hospitable.

Is about service. And service not being what it once was.

This is about doing the little things that so many now don't think is a big deal.

It is.

So let me repeat this free advice once again now.

And this is something I always tell kids just starting out in this business.

Up on time and with a smile...And you're already half way there.

I'm amazed people find this advice so amazing.

It isn't.

Good attitude shouldn't be amazing.

Getting an assignment done on time shouldn't be amazing.

Volunteering, happily, for the next assignment shouldn't be amazing.

Caring...shouldn't be amazing.

Calling back someone you promised you would call back...shouldn't be amazing.

Your word is your bond and your bond is your word...shouldn't be amazing.

That's why we remember the restaurants where the service is great, even if the food was not.

It's why we remember the concierge who didn't just "regret" the reservation error...but corrected that error.

The cable guy who showed up when he said he would show up.

The flight attendant who treated you like a customer and not like cattle.

Think our expectations for service are so low, we're grateful for so little.

This represents an enormous opportunity for workers today.

Just work today.

Just show up today.

Just prove to your boss and those you work with that you offer value today.

That you care today.

You really want to make a difference today.

That you can be counted on simply because you it matters to you today.

Every day.

That no job is too menial.

No task too boring.

Each assignments. All assignments. Same disposition.

I work. I care. I smile.

I am.