Common Sense

Cavuto: Whole planet is having a sale

Is it generosity or desperation?


It's like Macy's having a one-day sale...

30 percent off...'then' cash back at the register...And a 30 percent off your next purchase gift certificate as you leave the store.

You're so start wondering...either Macy’s is very generous...or very desperate.

Macy's is not the latter, of course, for now...

I'll tell you what; the whole world is "right now."

Don't you find it curious that this day after the Fourth of July sales, the whole planet's having a sale?

China lowering interest rates.

The Europeans now pushing all-time low interest rates.

The usually stuffy bank of England prepared to stuff its banking system with plenty of cash...

That's their own version of QE2 from the folks who actually have a QE...

A queen, and we're told, now un-told billions to buy as many notes and bond equivalents in their country to bring down interest rates in their country.

Of Mexico stimulating...

The Saudis pumping and now...

The Russians doing some old-fashioned oil-flooding.

Are you seeing a trend here?

I am, and it's a desperate one.

Global fire sale all meant to stop a fire...

A modern day cash-back contagion sale...and they all want us to buy in...Because if we don't...they're all but screaming they might have to cash out....

One last desperate shot to keep this globe from getting shot.

We do it, its one thing.

When England does it, that's another thing.

When that snooty European commission dude who blames us for everything wrong on the planet, does it, that's the ultimate thing.

But when China starts pulling out all the stops...that's the whole game thing.

Game's over. Sale's on. We either shop 'til we drop...or this day after the firecrackers here...the whole world...goes pop