Exclusive: Parents of slain Border Patrol agent speak out on Fast and Furious

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: Tonight in a "Hannity" exclusive, for the very first time, the parents of slain Border Patrol agent Brian Terry are appearing together for an interview.

Now Josephine and Kent Terry, they know all too well the deadly ramifications of the Fast and Furious program. And like any parent would, they want those responsible for authorizing this reckless scheme to be brought to justice. But time after time, they have been met with nothing but obstruction by the White House. And since the Terry family has not received answers from President Obama or the Attorney General Eric Holder, today they are launching the Brian Terry Foundation to honor their fallen son and to bring public awareness to this deadly and flawed program.

And joining me now in a "Hannity" exclusive are the parents of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry, Josephine and Kent Terry.

Thank you both for being here. And I know this has got to be very hard on both of you. Here your son is out protecting our borders and our country, he loses his life. So, I know I speak for a lot of Americans, and you are both in our hearts and in our thoughts and in our prayers, thank you both for being here.



HANNITY: Let me start, Kent, let me ask you, when you heard that the government provided the weaponry to the cartels and criminals and drug dealers, the very guns that were used to kill your son, what was your reaction?

KENT TERRY: I was very furious.

HANNITY: Yes. And you, Josephine?

KENT TERRY: I was very upset.

JOSEPHINE TERRY: I didn't believe it. I thought it wasn't real.

HANNITY: It is almost too much to believe, isn't it? Go ahead.

KENT TERRY: Like it's a bad dream. Like I'm going to wake up.

JOSEPHINE TERRY: It's like they weren't telling us something that we wanted to hear. It was like, it was a fog.

HANNITY: Yes. You have been watching what has been going on, you watch Congressional hearings. Let me remind our audience and remind you, Congressman Darrell Issa questioning Eric Holder on the issue of your son and the loss of your son. Let me play this for you.


ATTORNEY GENERAL ERIC HOLDER, MAY 3, 2011: Who exactly was involved? What level of knowledge was, who should be held accountable if, in fact, there were mistakes that were made. That's what the inspector general will be looking at.

REP. DARRELL ISSA, R-CALIF.: What am I going to tell agent Terry's mother about how he died at the hand of a gun that was videotaped as it was sold to a straw purchaser, fully expecting it to end up in the hands of drug cartels?

HOLDER: Well, you know, one will have to see exactly what happened with regard to the guns that are at issue there.

HOLDER, NOV. 8, 2011: I certainly regret what happened to agent Brian Terry. I can only imagine the pain that his family has had to deal with, in particular his mother. I'm the father of three children myself. We are not programmed to bury our kids.


HANNITY: Mr. Terry, your reaction to that?

KENT TERRY: Well, I don't think my son should have went before me, you know. It's very hard.

HANNITY: Yes, Josephine?

JOSEPHINE TERRY: To me, I was just flabbergasted because I think that all of this was useless. It should have never happened.

HANNITY: What do you think -- I understand there was a moment when the attorney general was confronted on whether or not he had contacted you, both of you, about the loss of your son, guns provided by our government, and before you even got the apology, I understand it, it was leaked to the press. Because he was kind of embarrassed in that Congressional hearing because nobody, as I understood it, up to that point had contacted you? Is that true.


KENT TERRY: It's true.

HANNITY: So, how did you find out about the attorney general finally apologized after Congress kind of embarrassed them into it? Mr. Terry.


KENT TERRY: A letter.

JOSEPHINE TERRY: After it was made public in the media.

HANNITY: Has President Obama ever reached out to you?


JOSEPHINE TERRY: At the funeral he called us.

HANNITY: He did call?

JOSEPHINE TERRY: At the funeral home. At the funeral home but --

KENT TERRY: You couldn't understand what he was saying. I couldn't, anyway.


JOSEPHINE TERRY: No, we couldn't. And we didn't know anything about the gun running Fast and Furious or nothing about that at that time.

HANNITY: All right. So the president, we watched this now go on now for over 18 months, and the president then decides to invoke executive privilege at the 11th hour on the eve of the attorney general being held in contempt. I have no doubt the White House is watching both of you tonight. What would you like to say to the president and the attorney general of the United States?

KENT TERRY: I probably couldn't say it on camera what I would like to say to him. But I say, get the heads out of their butt anyway.

JOSEPHINE TERRY: I think that if he did this, then I think that there's something -- there's something that they don't want us to know and there's something to hide.

KENT TERRY: I think they are hiding something.

HANNITY: Yes, Mr. Terry?

KENT TERRY: I think they are lying and they are hiding it.

HANNITY: You think they're lying? Go ahead, sir.

KENT TERRY: I think they are lying, oh, yes, big time. Big time. They're passing the buck.

HANNITY: In other words, that you believe -- go ahead.

KENT TERRY: Go ahead. What were you going to say?

HANNITY: No, you said they were lying and hiding something. I didn't want to interrupt you.

KENT TERRY: Yes. That's how I feel. I got a gut feeling on that.


KENT PERRY: I just know that they are hiding something big. Something happened out there and worse than what we know. My son wasn't even supposed to be out there that night.

HANNITY: Yes. Let me just play for you something. And I don't know what to make of this except the president was asked about this. Now, we know Eric Holder knew about it much earlier than he first testified before Congress. So, he wasn't truthful. I mean, at some point he had to admit to this seven months later, but I want to play you the president, President Obama, and when he said neither he nor Holder knew anything about this program and get your reaction to this tape.


UNIDENTIFIED MAN: A Mexican government complains that they were not informed about the Fast and Furious operation. Did you authorize this operation and was President Calderon properly informed about it?

PRES. BARACK OBAMA: Well, first of all, I did not authorize it. Eric Holder, the attorney general did not authorize it.

What he's done is, he is assigned an IG, an inspector general to investigate what exactly what happened here.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN: Who authorize it?

OBAMA: Well, we don't have all the facts. That's why the IG is in business, to collect the facts.


HANNITY: The president of the United States says, he didn't authorize it and he said the attorney general didn't authorize it. I would imagine as parents of a lost son that you want to know who, then, in fact authorize selling guns to kidnappers, drug dealers and drug cartels, weapons that ultimately were used to kill your son, another agent and involved in other crimes.

JOSEPHINE TERRY: Well, you know, Eric Holder has been before Congress so many times, and the first couple of times you can tell there's something being hid and there's something not being said and after a while when you feel like throwing the TV through the front window because you get tired of hearing the constantly lies that you know they are doing.

HANNITY: Jay Carney today actually said that Darrell Issa and the Republicans, that this is a fishy expedition, this is to score political points in an election year. What do you make of the fact that they are trying to turn this around? Because we have -- these guns have ended up in a lot of crime scenes. Your son is lost. And they say this is a fishing expedition. Do you have any message to the White House on that?

KENT TERRY: Well, why don't they ask themselves, search their souls, and also, why don't they ask the people in Mexico who were murdered with those same guns that killed my son.

JOSEPHINE TERRY: And I think that they are bringing all this up because they want to put Fast and Furious on a back burner until the election is over.

KENT TERRY: I do too. I agree.

JOSEPHINE TERRY: I think it's interrupting.

HANNITY: God forbid if this is any parent, they have a right to know. How did our government provide the weapons to known criminals and killers that end up killing heroes like your son? This is not politics. This is human -- basic human decency in my mind.

I know this is very difficult for you, both of you. I am glad that you are outspoken. I do believe that we have a right to accountability from our public servants, and I know I speak for many Americans and I express our deep sympathy and sorrow over the loss of your son. He was a true great American hero. Thank you both for being with us.


KENT TERRY: Thank you.

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