Did Eric Holder lie to Congress about Fast & Furious?

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REP. DARRELL ISSA, R-CALIF.: You implied that we were working together when in fact, since May 18, nothing, nothing has come from your department, not one shred of paper.

Have you and your attorneys produced internally the materials responsive to the subpoenas?

ERIC HOLDER, ATTORNEY GENERAL: We believe that we have responded to the subpoenas --

ISSA: No, Mr. Attorney General, you are not a good witness. A good witness answers the question asked.


SEAN HANNITY, HOST: That was one of the many duels that have taken place on Capitol Hill between House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa and the Attorney General Eric Holder. And next week, Congress will vote whether or not to hold the AG in contempt over his stonewalling over the Fast & Furious investigation.

Joining me now in studio with much more are three members of the Oversight Committee -- Congressman Mike Kelly, Congressman John Mica and Paul Gosar. Did I say that name right?


HANNITY: Thank you. It has been a while since we've had you on.

First of all, it's been how many months? 18 months since the -- you have been asking the attorney general to hand over information, documents, right?

REP. MIKE KELLY, R-PA.: And you know, I got to tell you, as a father and a grandfather, the hearing that had the most impact on me was watching the Terry family sit there--

HANNITY: Agent Brian Terry, the agent --


KELLY: Yes, and Agent Terry's colleagues. And you could see what they were going through. So you know, this investigation goes a lot further and a lot deeper. You know, just in order to give the Terrys peace of mind, give them some type of closure, we have to finish this out and we have to get to the bottom of why it happened to guarantee them that it will never happen again.

HANNITY: Just to remind people, Congressmen, these guns were given to these cartels, these organizations, and then they were used, in this case, Brian Terry was killed with a weapon that was provided to the cartels by the United States government?

REP. JOHN MICA, R-FLA.: OK. People forget how all of this started. This administration is a gun-control administration. They tried to put the violence in Mexico on the blame of the United States. So they concocted this scheme and actually sending our federal agents, sending guns down there, and trying to cook some little deal to say that we have got to get more guns under control. That's how this all started.

HANNITY: We have to get guns under control, so we give them to the gangs and the cartels.

MICA: Exactly. For 11 months, they completely denied -- we asked and asked, Darrell and I and others -- asked for information on this. They completely denied anything for 11 months. And then they finally admitted it. Now they are trying to dribble and drab this out, so it goes beyond the election.

HANNITY: How many months has this gone on?

MICA: This is 18 months. We asked in the spring, we asked in the fall. Now the little game that is being played, oh, we are going on cooperate. You have heard that just recently. They want to talk to Darrell. They want to talk to us. They don't want a confrontation. I am telling you, there is going to be a vote, we are going to hold the guy in contempt.

HANNITY: All right. If -- aren't we watching a trial of a guy by the name of Roger Clemens? And wasn't one of the issues, main issues, lying to Congress? Has the attorney general of the United States been honest with Congress, forthcoming with Congress? And do you think he lied to Congress?

GOSAR: Absolutely not. Coming from Arizona, we feel like the stepchild of this administration, over and over again. He has been misinformed and he has tried to misinform the public. He has tried to direct them according --

HANNITY: Has he lied to Congress?

GOSAR: I believe he has.

HANNITY: And so, can charges be filed against the attorney general at some point?

GOSAR: I believe so. And I hope that leadership and Congressman Issa doesn't allow that conversation to happen with the attorney general. I think everything that we asked should be put on the table and nothing less.

HANNITY: Here's what I want to know, because -- as you are leading into this contempt vote that is going to take place next week --

KELLY: Wednesday.

HANNITY: On Wednesday. Now they are saying, no, no, no, we will give you the documents. After 18 months, now he wants to give the documents. I don't know what's worse, that he is going to give it at the last minute. Will any deal like that be struck? Or is it too late for the attorney general?

KELLY: This shouldn't surprise anybody. This is an administration that loves talking, and just keep talking and talking and talking until we get past a certain date.

I would just say that right now, and I think that Paul and I agree and also the chairman agree -- listen, there is an accountability here that takes place. And when the chief law enforcement officer of the United States decides to dodge it -- and we are a nation of laws and a nation that believes that nobody's above the law -- that includes the attorney general. And for him to take a pass on this and to continue to say, well, we just need to talk more. It is time to stop talking. It's time to fish or cut bait.

HANNITY: What does it mean if the attorney general's held in contempt in Congress?

MICA: Well, I think -- again, this is the chief prosecutorial officer of the United States. He is supposed to be protecting the citizens. Actually, one of our agents was killed and others have been maimed, and guns have been used in the violence across the border. And it is our guns that the federal government -- and what we need to find out is who cooked up the plot. And there are a bunch of people -- they have thrown Burke under the bus. He was former chief of staff to Napolitano.

They don't want this to come out before the election. And I was on with Charlie Rangel the other day. And Charlie really summed it up. He said, this needs to be put off until after the election. And that's what they are trying to do, stall. They have given us, what, seven or eight percent of the documents. And now they are going to say, we will give you a few more, and we are going to drag this out.

GOSAR: You know what, Sean, I have always learned that trust is a series of promises kept. Tell me where the promises have been kept. It hasn't happened, and it shouldn't be. Until we see something on the table, I don't think we go beyond anything else but the contempt charges.


MICA: Take a vote. How many are going to vote for contempt next week.

HANNITY: Any Democrats?

GOSAR: There are 30-some of them actually wrote a letter to the president and the attorney general that they have grave misgivings about them, you know. You know, I have got a resolution of no confidence on the floor, because we have totally lost, you know, the validation of what this attorney general stands for and the rule of law.

HANNITY: And the president seems to stand by him. No surprise.

MICA: Fast & Furious is just the beginning. There are about eight of us that called for his resignation before Fast and Furious. He needs to go. He needs to go for many other reasons, because of his selective prosecution.

GOSAR: The other thing, Sean, I want to point out, is we in the Southwest, particularly Arizona, are dealing with the consequences. There is over 1,400 guns that are going to show up at crime scenes, even this attorney general has even said that, that we are going to be victims of it. And I am tired of being collateral damage that's acceptable by this administration.

HANNITY: All right, guys, thank you all for being with us. We will be watching very closely on Wednesday.

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