Grapevine: Expansion of Bloomberg's proposed soda ban?

NYC Board of Health considers measure


And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Sweet Surrender

First soda, now popcorn, and maybe even milk.

New York City's Board of Health is considering an expansion of Mayor Bloomberg's proposed ban on large sodas and sugary drinks.

One member suggested limiting sizes of movie theater popcorn. Another liked the idea of restricting milk beverages such as milkshakes or coffee-milk drinks.

The president of the National Association of Theater Owners says the popcorn idea is silly and won't fight obesity because the average person buys movie concessions only twice a year.

All Fired Up

T.V. host Joy Behar is fired up over Mitt Romney's recent comments about Americans wanting less government.

Romney commented on President Obama's assertion that a solution to the economic troubles of the country was for government to hire more teachers, police officers and firefighters.

Behar said quote -- "I'd like to see [Romney's] house burn, one of his million houses burning down. Who's he going to call, the Mormon fire patrol?"

Behar previously decried Sarah Palin's map targeting Democratic districts with crosshairs calling it a quote -- "Al Qaeda Christmas card."

Power Players

The National Journal sent out an e-mail survey, looking for reader input on Washington's most influential women.

They suggested former White House Press Secretary Dee Dee Myers and former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.

They also listed the chair of the Recording Industry Association of America Cary Sherman.

There is one problem, Cary is a man.

The Journal's communications director says it was an oversight, saying -– quote -- "Our apologies to Cary who is certainly influential in Washington but whose Y chromosome does indeed take him out of the running for our list."