Grapevine: Contract for Pakistani 'Sesame Street' terminated

Allegations of fraud and abuse of U.S. taxpayer money


And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Big Bird Big Bust

Our first story is brought to you by the letter "T" as in terminated, which is what the federal government has done to a $20 million contract for a Pakistani version of "Sesame Street." The reason? Allegations of fraud and abuse of taxpayer money.

The State Department says almost $7 million have already been spent on the project designed to improve education and tolerance in the region.

The initiative made it into Oklahoma Republican Senator Tom Coburn's 2011 waste book as an example of low priority government spending.

Now, Coburn says -- quote -- "The fact that Washington ever thought funding foreign puppets was a legitimate role for the federal government speaks volumes about why our debt is out of control."

New York or Bust

The Space shuttle Enterprise never actually made it to space though it has had quite a journey to its final resting place in Manhattan.

The Enterprise cruised past the Statue of Liberty before arriving by barge at the Intrepid Sea Air and Space Museum.

Tuesday, the tip of a wing scraped a piling actually causing minor damage.

In 1977, Enterprise was used for a series of approach and landing tests. It was originally to be named Constitution.

But a fierce letter writing campaign by "Star Trek" fans convinced White House officials then, to rename it after the ship of that iconic television program.


From "Star Trek" to comic books.

Thanks to our eagle-eye comic-loving viewers, we realize Grapevine failed to put a picture of the original Green Lantern Alan Scott, seen left, in Friday's story about DC Comics outing the character as gay.  

We showed Hal Jordan, the modern emerald hero, seen on the right, who is said to be quite a ladies man.

Our apologies to both Alan and Hal and all of the comics-loving "Special Report" viewers, tweeters and e-mailers. You'd be surprised.

The Grapevine could stand to pick up a comic book now and again.