Grapevine: Supreme Court justice robbed for second time

Stephen Breyer's Washington home burglarized


And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Supreme Outrage

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer has been robbed again.

The Washington Post reports his Washington home was burglarized, and $3,500 worth of cutlery and candlesticks were stolen.

A Supreme Court spokesman says no court documents were taken and no one was home at the time.

In February, a gardener with a machete stole $1,000 from Breyer and some guests at his Caribbean home. That incident pushed Congress to allocated nearly $1 million to hire a dozen new Supreme Court officers.

Rocky Road

Talk about "rocky road." Armed environmental police shut down an ice cream stand in Massachusetts over Mother's Day weekend and stood guard to make sure potential customers were turned away.

Officers say the operator had not obtained construction permits to make improvements to the stand at Great Brook Farm State Park.

This, operator Mark Duffy says, is a new one to him. "The reason I'm here and the purpose of having me here is to improve the facility and operate a commercial dairy farm. I make improvements every single day and have for 26 years," said

New World Order

And finally, the sagging world economy has claimed more victims.

Topless dancers at the famous Crazy Horse nightclub in Paris have gone on strike, complaining of scant wages.

The club was forced to cancel performances this week for the first time since the cabaret was created in 1951.

One of the dancers named Suzanne laments, "What's wrong is that we are asked to work 24 days per month for a pay that is worse than miserable."

A spokesman for the nightclub declined to comment on the details of the salary demands, but said management takes the well-being of its artists very seriously.