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Cavuto: Bad stuff on Romney matters to mainstream media

Media cannot pick and choose the narrative for candidates


Never mind it happened almost 50 years ago, it's still all anyone is talking about "today."

Whether Mitt Romney's actions as a teenager tell us something scary about Mitt Romney, the man, now?

…that he's a bully.

…or worse, a homophobic.

…or worse yet, a bullying homophobic.

And all this based on an alleged incident that even the so-called victim's closest relatives are now disputing.

No matter.

This stuff matters.

If you're the mainstream media and the stuff is really bad, it "really" matters.

Even if it happened nearly 50 years ago.

If it's bad enough then, it's good enough now.

But what if it was good stuff then, is it good enough to report now?


Unless something fits the suspicious narrative, and you're Mitt Romney, the media suspiciously leaves it out.

So if you think Romney’s a rich, elitist, spoiled jerk, naturally you'll pounce on a story that confirms such behavior when he was a teenager…even when, like I said, some are disputing it.

And you do "not" pounce on how a young Mitt Romney volunteered to work with the underprivileged when he was that same age…even though, no one is disputing that.

Just like you do "not" report on how, years later, evil businessman Mitt Romney once shut down his Bain Capital, so he could marshall all the firm's forces and personnel to help a colleague find his kidnapped child..No one hears about that.

No, just the stuff that's bad…and alleged.

Not the stuff that's good…and just fact.


Can't pick and choose your narratives, anymore than you can pick and choose the incidents that support those narratives.

And leave out those annoying facts that do not.

...because if you're saying, it's not fair to judge the totality of a man for his drug use as a kid before he became president. shouldn't be fair to judge another's reported pranks as a kid before he became a candidate for president.

It doesn't matter for one, it shouldn't matter for all.

Because the real prank here isn't what either of these guys did as kids.

But how the media picks and chooses what defines them as men...

That's the prank.

That's the narrative.

And that's...

The real fiction.