Grapevine: Bachmann an all-American girl

Former GOP candidate plans to withdraw dual Swiss citizenship


And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Urine Trouble

Can Americans who have a phobia about urinating around other people or in public restrooms be covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act?

That was the subject of an informal discussion letter sent by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) last summer.

While clarifying it was not an official opinion yet, the EEOC said paruresis or shy bladder syndrome could in certain cases meet the definition of disability.

The Daily Caller points out that could mean employees who want to push the issue could claim they are entitled to private restrooms at work which could cost employers billions of dollars to provide.

All-American Girl

Minnesota Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann wants you to know she's an all-American girl, literally.

The former presidential candidate issued a statement this afternoon saying she's withdrawing her dual Swiss citizenship.

Bachmann explains that dual status resulted from her husband's Swiss heritage.

In today's statement, Bachmann says she made the decision because -- quote -- "I want to make it perfectly clear: I was born in America and I am a proud American citizen."

Pocket Dial

Finally, a new report shows 40 percent of New York City's 911 calls were inadvertent pocket dials.

The Daily News reports operators fielded nearly four million accidental calls in 2010, more than the actual number of times officers were dispatched to real emergencies.

The report commissioned by the mayor's office attributes the accidental calls to the proliferation of cell phones that can easily become unlocked and dialed.