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Bill O'Reilly: A racial attack in Virginia and possible obstruction of justice

Talking Points 5/3


By Bill O'Reilly

Last night we reported that two journalists working for the "Virginian Pilot" newspaper were assaulted in Norfolk by a group of black men.

The crime took place on April 14th, shortly after 11 p.m. 26-year-old Marjon Rostami and 31 year-old David Forster were riding in a Chevy Cavalier when they stopped at a light. Apparently someone threw a rock at their car whereupon Mr. Forster got out of the car to confront the assailant. He was set upon and beaten. Ms. Rostami called 911 and then she was beaten by the men.

“The Factor” obtained the police of the incident where a hate crime box is checked off. But police now say that was a clerical error. We asked the police for the 911 tape. Late today they told us they would decide tomorrow whether to release it to us. We certainly hope they do. The folks have a right to know what happened.

Today Norfolk Police arrested a 16-year-old in the case. But we don't know much about him. We do know that the couple had to get medical attention and missed a full week of work at the newspaper. But incredibly the "Virginian Pilot" didn't cover the story until two weeks later.

Editor Denis Finley is saying the paper thought it was a simple assault and they don't cover that kind of crime. “The Factor” does not believe Mr. Finley. He had to know that two of his employees were attacked by a mob.

We believe Finley avoided covering the story because of its racial component. The paper simply tried to cover it up. Now consider what would have happened if a mob of white men descended on a car and beat up a black man and a black woman. I don't have to say anymore. You know what would happen.

So why is this case any different? Why isn't it getting national coverage? Why isn't the Justice Department on the scene with a federal presence? Those questions remain unanswered.

Tonight in America we are supposed to have equal justice for all. And there are many laws that protect minorities as there should be. But a bias crime is a bias crime, no matter what skin color is involved. These two reporters are just sitting at a light on the way back from a theater when all hell broke loose.


DAVE FORESTER, "VIRGINIAN PILOT": The first punch was like square right in the nose just absorbing the blows and being like ok. I'm all right. I can get back inside. But yeah, there was definitely a moment where, you know, when I'm surrounded and getting punched that I'm thinking this is getting really bad.


O'REILLY: In the neighborhood where the attack took place, some folks weren't surprised.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You by yourself or if you are not from around here or you don't know anybody around here, you are a target… automatically.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And then with all that Trayvon Martin stuff going on, there's a lot of dumb -- a lot of dumb stuff is happening. And people are reacting on different races for dumb stuff, you know. So you know, it could be related to that or it could be people just want to act stupid.


O'REILLY: So let's recap. It looks like a cover up by the "Virginian Pilot" newspaper. It looks like the Norfolk Police are confused. Was it a hate crime or not? The Justice Department has so far ignored our request for comments but Attorney General Holder has a responsibility to look into the situation and we will hold Holder to that.

This is a major story. We cannot have Americans of any color being set upon by violent mobs. That cannot stand in this country. “The Factor” will continue to demand justice in Virginia.

And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads & Patriots

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie attended a town-hall meeting yesterday and was confronted by a sixth grader.


PETER: I kind of need a note for school.

GOV. CHRIS CHRISTIE (R), NEW JERSEY: You need a note for school?

All right. Peter, it just says, "Please excuse Peter from school today. He was with me." All right?


O'REILLY: Very cute. Governor's a “Patriot” and so is Peter for coming out to that town-hall meeting.