Do ballistic toddlers deserve baseballs?

Class envy and entitlement at the ballpark


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GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: So, young couples being harassed for catching a baseball in the stands during a Yankee's game, a ball that might have gone to a toddler. Even the Yankees broadcaster castigated them for not giving the ball up. Yes, they're monsters. Behold, beholders.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Look what happen, toss the ball.

Oh, my, god. They can't give it to the kid? That's awful.

O for three (INAUDIBLE) for his last 19, the little guy is crying.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Oh my goodness.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He didn't get hit, he just didn't get the ball.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Wow! They're actually like rubbing it in the kid's face.


KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE, CO-HOST: Oh, my gosh. That is awful.


So to review, a baby is crying because he wants that ball, a ball that isn't his. But he wants that ball perhaps because someone else caught it. I suppose they could have given it to the baby. But they didn't even see the baby.

But even if they did see the baby, they still don't have to hand the ball over to the baby. It's their ball, fair and square. And there you have class envy and entitlement in a nutshell, Kimberly.

Student loan, bailouts, free birth control pills, taxing the rich to spread the wealth -- it's all just one screaming baby crying out for what you have.

But at least the baby at the game has an excuse, because it's a baby. Anyway, I went back and I looked closer at the photo. I felt like had seen the woman before. And would you know who it was?

A true monster.

GUILFOYLE: Oh, my gosh.

She doesn't like baby showers.

GUTFELD: Well, when it comes to the sky, they hit you.

GUTFELD: All right. This couple, Kimberly --

GUILFOYLE: Did you stay up all night for that?

GUTFELD: No, I just made it up.

GUILFOYLE: I'm for the baby.

GUTFELD: You're for the baby?


GUTFELD: Me, too.

GUILFOYLE: I'm for the baby.

GUTFELD: You're for the baby?


GUILFOYLE: Love is blind.

BOB BECKEL, CO-HOST: Whining about entitlements, just like that, you know? I mean, it's perfect that it would come from you. You and Republicans probably to think the kid didn't deserve the ball.

GUTFELD: He doesn't deserve the ball. What? How -- that baby has not worked a day in his life.

ANDREA TANTAROS, CO-HOST: And you know what's worse, Greg? That baby was at the same stadium, in the same seat and his parents told "Good Morning America," he already caught a ball before. So, he already has a ball.

GUTFELD: Wait a minute. I didn't know that. I should have read the story completely.

TANTAROS: Have you ever been at Yankee Stadium when you catch the ball and there's a kid sitting next to you. If you don't give the kid the ball, they will kill you.

ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: That's in Texas stadium.

Also that lady -- this is really funny, though. The announcers they stayed on the shot like we are seeing now. The announcers, the yes announcer, said we pointed out the couple should give the ball to the kid so there is a big outcry for the couple on Facebook to, you know, they're terrible. They want an apology from the Yankee announcer. I say, stand up for yourself Yankee announcer. Do not apologize.

GUTFELD: I disagree completely. You are now a socialist. You are a socialist! That is their ball. They earned that ball.


BOLLING: How do you know --

GUTFELD: You are probably in Kenya?

GUILFOYLE: Oh my gosh.

BECKEL: If there was vote in the United States House of Representatives, the Republicans would vote for you on that position.

GUTFELD: Yes, absolutely.

BECKEL: The rest would vote for --

GUILFOYLE: Somebody will see Bolling and Greg --


TANTAROS: Liberals would vote to take the ball and slice it up.

GUTFELD: And no one could use the ball. The ball would be unusable.

GUILFOYLE: He's got the ball. They saw what happened and they tossed the ball to the baby and baby was --


BOLLING: Hold on, for the rest of the time we're on THE FIVE, you promise never to use baseball in political analogies? One thing that we don't want is -- there is no crying in baseball --

GUTFELD: But there is scoring. And there is risk. When you sit out there, there is a risk you will get hit by a ball or catch a ball. That's life.


BECKEL: Right winger, right winger, right winger.

GUTFELD: Damn right I'm a right winger. That kid didn't deserve the ball.

By the way, the parent, the newlyweds offered the ball to the kid. And the kid had already forgotten about it because the kid has a memory --

GUILFOYLE: That is not true, because the players gave him a ball already.

BECKEL: Let me say this, the vote would be 99-1, which is what it's against you --

GUTFELD: In this case, I'm in the 1 percent.

BECKEL: That's right.

GUTFELD: By the way, teaching that kid that he can't get what he wants at a young age is good thing. When he's older, he'll do know better.

BOLLING: Mr. Gutfeld, when you have a child of your own, you know exactly that those parents should hand their ball right to that kid.


GUILFOYLE: They were getting married on Saturday. They have seven children between the two of them.

TANTAROS: Throbbing hearts out of their eyes.



GUTFELD: I'm right on this.

GUILFOYLE: We don't care.

GUTFELD: I know you don't care. Use your ideology correctly.

GUILFOYLE: Now you've done it.

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