Grapevine: Election troubles for cash-strapped cities

Concern over paying for November voting


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In the Red White & Blue

Cash-strapped cities are concerned about how they will pay for the November 6th general election and in some estimates the outcome could be affected.

One analyst says there are roughly 20 cities and counties in dire financial straits.

An Alabama county that recently filed for bankruptcy was forced to recruit truck drivers to help pick up and deliver voting machines during the GOP primary there.

Detroit is dealing with a slimmed-down budget that could mean fewer poll workers and longer lines for voters.

That could hurt Democrats there who are relying on a high turnout.

In 2008, 97 percent of Detroit voters backed then-Senator Obama.

Keep the Change

One place that is not cash-strapped is Union Township in Northeastern Indiana. City officials based in Auburn say no property taxes will be collected this year because there is plenty of money in the bank.

The township is $400,000 in the black, which is enough there to last for five years.

Pre-flight Entertainment

And finally, maybe the only thing worse than sitting on the tarmac with a flight delay is finding out your dog is the reason for the hold-up.

The New York Post reports La Guardia flights were held up Wednesday because a passenger's pooch got out of its crate while being loaded on the plane.

You can see at one point a worker got on his hands and knees to convince Byrdie the Rhodesian Ridgeback to surrender.

The owner was finally taken off that flight and brought onto the tarmac to corral the dog.

After about 20 minutes, Byrdie was safely put back in her kennel with 20 zip ties to ensure she couldn't make a second escape.

That flight managed to eventually take off.