Unusual Job Opening at the Drug Enforcement Administration

Some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine:

Highly Desirable?

The Drug Enforcement Administration insists it needs to hire at least nine people fluent in another language to help it translate intercepted communications. That language is Ebonics, which Webster's defines as "black English."

An agency official says, "There are words that people use that I never used. It's a dialect that certain people use and we see a need for it." The official added there is nothing "racial" about it, describing rapper Eminem as "one of the best speakers of Ebonics there ever was."

No word whether Eminem has actually applied for one of the openings.

Word War

Embattled Democratic Congressman Charlie Rangel is fighting back against President Obama's recent suggestion that Rangel "end his career with dignity."

The 80-year-old Rangel said during a candidate forum in Harlem Monday night that the 49-year-old president hasn't "been around long enough to determine what my dignity is.

The White House has so far refused to comment about Rangel's remarks.

Rangel has vowed to fight a host of ethics charges and says he will not resign. He is seeking his 20th term in office starting with the New York primary September 14.

Drive Me Crazy

And you think your commute is bad? Well, a 62-mile long traffic jam near Beijing, China has been going on for 10 days. That's right -- 10 days! State media outlets say some drivers have been stuck for five days straight.

The gridlock is attributed to a construction project. Officials say it probably won't end until the middle of September.

Though there have been no reports of road rage violence, drivers have been complaining of price gouging from local villagers, who are charging 10 times the normal price for water and tripling the price of noodles.