House Republicans Stage Rebellion Over Publicizing Recess Schedules

Borrowed Time

Illinois Democratic Senate candidate Alexi Giannoulias is facing more questions about his family's failed Chicago bank.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports newly uncovered records show Broadway Bank loaned almost $23 million to a development company partially owned by developer Tony Rezko back in February of 2006. Rezko, who has since been convicted on federal corruption charges, is not listed on any public documents connected to the loan.

The Giannoulias campaign maintains the candidate left daily operations of the bank in 2005 and knew nothing of the loan, calling the link to Rezko "guilt by association." However, in an article published by the Windy City Times in March of 2006, Giannoulias touted his bank experience using the present tense, saying, "I'm senior loan officer and vice president -- so I oversee a 600 million dollar loan department."

President Obama, whose ties to Rezko were an issue in the 2008 campaign, will be in Chicago Thursday to raise money for Giannoulias.

Big Brother

Several House Republicans have a message for their leadership -- mind your own business.

CQ Politics reports GOP leaders have asked members to submit their August schedules for an online database, but not everyone is turning over their day planners. Michigan lawmaker Fred Upton says, "My constituents know how to find me. I'm listed in the phone book."

And California Congressman John Campbell says, "I just don't know why there needs to be a national advertisement of everything I'm doing."

It's Over

The wedding is off.

Bristol Palin tells People magazine that her short-lived re-engagement to Levi Johnston is over after only a few weeks. Palin says the same day they announced their reunion, Johnston told her he might have fathered a child with another teenage girl. 

Bristol's mom, Sarah Palin, says she hopes her daughter can move forward and learn from the experience.