Democrats' Attacks Speak Volumes

The attacks by President Obama and the Democratic Party on the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and others say as much as any poll about the plight of the Democrats this fall.

The claim of foreign money flowing into Republican coffers is so transparently w ithout proof that even organs of the mainstream media are saying so. No evidence has emerged said The New York Times. The TV critic at the Baltimore Sun called the Democratic ad about foreign money, "a new low... in the midterm battle."

The fact that President Obama himself has joined in such claims suggests that he and his party have given up all hope of appealing to swing voters, who dislike this kind of attack. They now seem focused solely on trying to turn out Democratic base voters to keep the expected midterm rout from turning into a massacre.

Amid high unemployment and widespread sentiment across the right and center that Obama and his party have gone too far left, even well-established Democratic politicians in such Democratic strongholds as California and New England are vulnerable.

Thus a president and party who campaigned on hope and change seize on an unsupported claim that originated on a left-wing website to raise dark questions about secret and foreign influence in the election. And never mind that a still undetermined amount of cash flowed into the Obama campaign two years ago from donors who used prepaid credit cards and other devices that hid their actual identities.