A Vegas vacation on your dime

Send in the clowns: Shocking GSA spending spree


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GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: So the head of the General Service Administration resigned Monday after it was reported they spent nearly a million bucks of your dough on a conference in Las Vegas. The spending included a mind reader, a comedian and a clown. So, now we know where Bob was when he got that speaking gig.

The GSA, which is basically a glorified office closet, also spent 75 grand on a training exercise to build a bicycle -- which I guess qualifies as Obama's first successful green job.

Yes, making fun of this is like shooting bat fish in a tiny barrel. But remember, it was President Obama who told us to hold off on the vacations to Las Vegas. But I guess it's different when you go there on someone else's dime, i.e. yours.

And this news comes delightfully at tax time. Here's a fact -- according to the Tax Foundation -- my favorite foundation -- you will spend more in taxes this year than on food, clothing and housing combined. I'd repeat that fact, but I figure I may jump out of a window and take Dana with me. We made a pact.

Sadly, you spend nearly 70 days per year just working to pay that off. That's only a few less than Obama's played golf this year.

So, how awesome is it to know that that money went to clowns, to mind readers and comedians? Which should be the title of the Obama administration directory, by the way.

But look, it could be worse. The GSA, instead of screwing around, could have done some real work. And only thing worse than government spending is getting what you pay for.

Can you, Dana, can you explain to me -- the look on your face of abject fear. Is it the clowns? Are you scared by clowns?

DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: No, no, no, it doesn't bother me.

GUTFELD: All right. GSA, what exactly is the GSA?

PERINO: That is General Services Administration and Lord if I know. I don't know. They do all sort of things.

They're like the office supply closet. You know, like the person who when you go, they would only allow you to buy BIC pens?


PERINO: That's what the GSA is supposed to be.

But I think it's funny, is that they actually had to be caught on this later on. No one in the chain of command along the way would be brainstorming meetings about the kind of meeting they were going to put together, held up and put up their hand and said, stop. Mind reader? I mean, read my mind, you're going to be fired.

GUTFELD: Fair point. The mind reader should have seen it coming.


GUTFELD: Terrible joke. Terrible joke.

ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: That was actually pretty good joke.

Can I just point out that -- forget the 850 grand, it's bad enough. But this GSA, their budget is $20 billion.

PERINO: Yes, they're in charge of all the buildings.

BOLLING: Twelve thousand five hundred employees. I mean, if that doesn't epitomize government waste in itself.

ANDREA TANTAROS, CO-HOST: And no one caught it.

BOLLING: Nothing does.

BOB BECKEL, CO-HOST: This was a meeting of the GSA people around the country. I bet you the clown and rest of those probably cost about 300 bucks. Of course, we're going to --

PERINO: Is that what your fee is?



BECKEL: Let me ask you this -- why are we focusing on this when the Air Force is paying hundreds of millions of dollars for a jet engine they don't need? Or the Defense Department is paying billions of dollars for things that they don't need. We don't talk about those things.

PERINO: You should be taking credit. It was the White House fired her when they found out about this.

BECKEL: Well, they should. But they should be firing so people in the Defense Department who are spending our money, your money, your money --


TANTAROS: But don't you think that's a good question for the commander-in-chief?

BECKEL: More of your money is wasted on the Defense Department than all government.

TANTAROS: Wait a minute. Don't you think that's a good question for Barack Obama if you're asking -- if there's so much government waste, you just ask. Why are we wasting all this money in the Defense Department? Why hasn't Barack Obama rooted it out? More importantly, why would we pay money for a clown in a town where we have hundreds of clowns up on Capitol Hill that we can get for free?

GUTFELD: That is true.

TANTAROS: We're already paying clowns.

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