Obama mega-donor Spike Lee embroiled in controversy

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: Another Obama mega-donor and supporters under fire. Now, first it was Bill Maher, now it's Spike Lee. The filmmaker re-tweeted what he thought was Trayvon Martin's shooter's address to his 200,000-plus followers. Except Lee didn't bother to check if the address really was that of George Zimmerman, and erroneously blasted out, well, an elderly couple's location, prompting death threats and hate mail.

Now, he finally apologized, and we are learning tonight that Lee settled with the couple. Now, according to their attorney, Lee agreed to compensate them for their loss and the disruption to their lives.

Now, it is important to note that Spike Lee, like Bill Maher is a big Obama supporter. Now back in January, he held a fund-raiser for the president at his House that netted him $1.6 million.

Now, in light of the president's position and lectures on civil discourse, wouldn't returning the money that Spike Lee helped him to raise -- well, wouldn't that be the right thing to do? No pun intended.

Joining us now are Fox News contributors Tamara Holder and Deneen Borelli, Deneen is the author of the brand new book, "Blacklash." Thanks for being with us.

All right. Here is -- I'll go to Tamara. Tamara, there has been a bounty on the head of George Zimmerman. He has been talked about in Congress on the House floor that he quote, "executed somebody." That he hunted him down like a dog, without anybody knowing all the facts, with the one eyewitness that the police interviewed on the night of the shooting saying that in fact, it was Trayvon on top of George Zimmerman, pounding him, beating his head. He had lacerations, broken nose, confirmed by the police, in spite of the way, you know, the media portrayed this video.

So, my question to you is, what was Spike Lee's intention here? What could possibly be his intention if he thinks he's giving out George Zimmerman's address?

TAMARA HOLDER, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Well, I think it was a stupid, stupid decision, I don't know what his intention was.

HANNITY: What do you think his intention was? There was a bounty out on George Zimmerman's head by the Black Panther Party. What do you think the intention of Spike Lee was?

HOLDER: Spike Lee is not a violent person. I think his intention was for people to voice their opinion in front of the house of Mr. Zimmerman.

HANNITY: To go to George Zimmerman's house when there's a bounty out on him by the New Black Panther Party and he just was saying, just go to this address and voice your opinion? That was what Spike Lee --

HOLDER: Sean, can I finish?

HANNITY: Go ahead.

HOLDER: OK. Thank you. I think that it was a stupid decision. I said so. And I also think that wearing hoodies on the floor of Congress is also stupid. I think that the blacks are also making this more of a racial issue than it should be. We need to, in America, discuss white, black, Hispanic, white Hispanic, whatever you want to call George Zimmerman, we need to discuss racial tension and violence -- and violence -- and violence and shooting people. You don't bring to a Skittle fight.


HANNITY: There's no evidence, though. Wait a minute. But there's no evidence that said, there's any racial antipathy. Maybe it will show up later. And I keep telling everybody, don't rush the judgment.

Deneen, when you talk about -- when you give the address of somebody, when there is -- well, first of all, where is Eric Holder? There is a bounty on somebody's head. How about arresting the people that put a bounty on the guy's head?

DENEEN BORELLI, AUTHOR, "BLACKLASH": Right, you know, what Spike Lee did was absolutely wrong. But look at the fact that we have President Obama. Now, I have written about this in "Blacklash." We have a president who has frozen racial tension in our country, instead of thawing racial tension. Based on what he said, his comments that Trayvon would look like him. What President Obama needs to do is reset the tone. He needs to come out and say that we are a nation of rules and laws and not nation of man --

HANNITY: Where is Eric Holder? How long has this bounty been out there? Where's our attorney general? Why aren't these guys arrested?

HOLDER: He's there, Sean --

BORELLI: With the new Black Panther Party in 2008, where was he then? When they were intimidating voters in Philadelphia. Well, there's a pattern here. You have that, you have the Cambridge police and we have this issue.

HANNITY: They acted stupidly.

BORELLI: That's correct. So what we need to do is hold these people accountable. What President Obama should do -- he came out today, he was criticizing the fossil fuel industry. He could very well come out and say, we need to stop this, we need to let them process --

HANNITY: And members of Congress Deneen.


HANNITY: They are talking about, well, this is an execution. They are declaring this a murder. This is a hate crime. All of this without, you know, why even have a trial at this point, considering members of Congress, lawmakers don't believe in the rule of law or the presumption of innocence before proven guilty. He was hunted down like a dog. And yet, we have an eyewitness that is saying that Trayvon is on top of him, beating Zimmerman.

BORELLI: Well, sadly, we have a monopoly of a communication effort in the black community. We have the liberal black establishment, who has this echo chamber of the same message. And this is why I am saying a direction needs to come from the top. President Obama needs to put a lid on this powder keg because things have the potential to escalate. They already have.

HOLDER: But he's not going to. President Obama is not going to.

HANNITY: Why not? Why?

HOLDER: Because he has no cojones. Because he had the opportunity to do so, and instead, he had a little beer in the back yard. I voted for Obama as I have said many times on your show.

BORELLI: He needs to step up and be a leader Tamara.

HOLDER: Wait! Let me finish! That's what I just said. He has had every opportunity to do so. The black community is just as upset with him as the white community. He has an opportunity. And Sean, you brought up Bill Maher. Well, President Obama, as I've said before, should have said, saying things about Sarah Palin, saying things about the left or the right or any woman, that is hate language, hate speech is wrong.

HANNITY: Every time he has an opportunity to speak out against civility, when it's a conservative, he does. He will take Bill Maher's money. He will take Spike Lee's money. And, you know, what? I think it's time for the president, he needs -- to use the phrase -- a sister soldier moment. And another opportunity, another window has closed. An opportunity blown, I think, for the president to bring the country together at a very important time.

HOLDER: Even as he did --

HANNITY: -- by distancing himself from radical statements and radical comments by members of his own party and supporters of him and financial contributors.

BORELLI: What's very concerning is, he's going to allow Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton to allow this to go on and continue what they are doing? Or is he going to step up and be a leader?

HANNITY: We'll see. All right. Thanks for being with us.

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