Will 'renaming' Keystone solve WH problem?

Advertising legend Jerry Della Femina weighs in


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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: Is the president trying to pull a switcheroo here, all but ignoring the word Keystone today? You might have caught it. We certainly did. He made his pitch to build part of the pipeline. But listen to how he did it.


PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: So, today, I have come to Cushing.

A place like Cushing.

Speed more oil from Cushing. Cushing, Oklahoma.

Today, we're making this new pipeline from Cushing to the Gulf a priority.


CAVUTO: Cushing was the theme of that, you might recall. That follows a White House fact sheet referring to project now as the Cushing pipeline.

So, will changing the name take away the problem?

Advertising maestro Jerry Della Femina says not so fast.

JERRY DELLA FEMINA, CHAIRMAN & CEO, DELLA FEMINA ROTHSCHILD JEARY AND PARTNERS: It's like the Wizard of Oz. Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.

He's a brilliant campaigner and he doesn't really -- let's face it, he -- forget Keystone. That doesn't exist. I was against Keystone, but I am not against Cushing. Cushing is on my...

CAVUTO: So, in other words, you just rename it.

Apples and oranges though they may be, I am thinking of other examples where they renamed something. Horrible ValuJet Everglades plane crash, and then they become a new airline with a new name, and it's as if we are supposed to forget the accident or what was accompanying it before.

DELLA FEMINA: He does this and he keeps getting away with it. He keeps changing things.

Let's face it. He is actually saying there is plenty of drilling and we are drilling more than ever. Drilling is down on federal lands and Indian lands. It's down. It's down. He doesn't talk about that, as you so beautifully pointed out. And he gets away with it because those people who will vote for him want to believe it. But now he is nervous so he runs out and he changes. He is just a great campaigner.

CAVUTO: But it sort of like when you call up -- what is the latest trend in the last couple of years? Revenues for taxes, but they're taxes. Maybe revenue is a nicer word, but that is what they are.

DELLA FEMINA: His greatest enemy, his greatest enemy is YouTube. Because people are going to see what he said before, they're gonna actually see. Fox, his greatest enemy, because you will reprint and show stuff where it's coming out of his mouth.

CAVUTO: But does it ever work? You are excellent at it. You're the best ever, and I mean that. So, for example, I remember when Kentucky Fried Chicken changed to KFC. The initials aren't supposed to stand for Kentucky Fried Chicken. I guess they just -- because the fried thing I guess was bad.

Did it change anyone's perception that KFC was a great place to go to for fried chicken?

DELLA FEMINA: People still went for fried chicken and they didn't hear the word fried. So now it is Cushing, so they're not going to hear -- what he is doing is really changing -- and he is scared.


CAVUTO: But the KFC is a good example to me, but I think he is winging this. And I think he's --

DELLA FEMINA: KFC, winging? I get that.

CAVUTO: Basic cable, all yours free.

But do you get a sense though, for some people, this sticks? Because then he's gonna put it back on Republicans and say are you opposed to the Cushing pipeline?

DELLA FEMINA: Well, I think it's up to the voter to look and that is going to say, wait a second, I'm being snowed here. This man isn't telling me the truth.

And let's face it. He's betting that the American public is not smart enough to catch him.

CAVUTO: All right, thank you, Jerry Della Femina, who knows a thing or two about image. I try to have him work on my image. He says, Neil, I can't do it. It's just an impossible job.

There's nothing you can do, nothing.

DELLA FEMINA: You can't improve on perfect.

CAVUTO: All right. That's OK.


CAVUTO: That's not what you told me over there.

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