Coulter's message to 'hypocrite' liberals: Knock off the 'I'm offended' routine

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: More controversial comments from Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke have created quite a buzz this week. And on Tuesday, she was on Capitol Hill for a women's history month forum. And during her remarks, the Daily Caller's camera has captured this.


SANDRA FLUKE, LAW STUDENT, GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY: So, what I would like to say to women of my generation, is that we need more Debbie Wasserman Schultzs. More Senator Gillibrands. We need more working mothers in office. We must have members of Congress who see their role as representing women presented and their views on important questions that are important to women's lives. So I want to be clear, this doesn't mean that just any woman in the room, it has to be a woman focused on representing how policies will affect all of us. And this doesn't mean that it should be a political litmus or they need to be Democratic women or Republican women. But there should be a litmus test that they be pro-women.


HANNITY: I assume the values of such a litmus test would be defined by Ms. Fluke and her liberal friends considering I didn't hear any mention of Republicans be name during that statement.

Joining me now to respond to that video and much more, columnist and best- selling New York Times number one best-selling author -- you got a haircut. Ann Coulter is back with us. How are you?

ANN COULTER, AUTHOR, COLUMNIST: Hello Sean. Fine, thank you.

HANNITY: Welcome back to the program.

All right. Here's something and you I agree of, OK? I was reading comments you made earlier -- being the great wordsmith that you are, you had some strong language. What you were saying is that, wait a minute, conservatives -- they are not offended by all those stuff of Bill Maher.

Now, I actually am offended by the "C" word and some other things and Obama accepting a million dollars as he lectures the country. But, liberals are not -- they are feigning outrage. I don't think they were upset at Rush Limbaugh's comments because if they were, they would have spoken out when all these horrible things were said about the conservative women.

So, I don't think people are as outraged as they act. I think in for many of them, it's a phony, fraudulent, you know, campaign opportunity, political opportunity. Your response?

COULTER: Yes. I mean, coming from people who are constantly telling us about their abortions and their vaginas. No, I find it very hard to believe they are so upset about any word Rush Limbaugh uses.

And I don't really care what words people use. I don't care about dirty jokes, sexist joke, racist jokes, et cetera, et cetera. All I care about is that they be funny. And I would like to hold a little seminar for certain individuals like David Letterman's writers to explain what is funny and what isn't.

And I think it's a cheap shot when you have a left-wing audience and say any old nasty thing about, for example, Sarah Palin, as David Letterman did. And I explained in my book, "Guilty," I proved that that was not funny. His joke about I guess Bristol Palin being at a Yankees game and her Alex Rodriguez knocked her up during half time or the seventh inning or something, except Palin wasn't at a Yankees game with Bristol who is the one who got pregnant out of wedlock. She was at the Yankees game with Willow. And as far as I know, Alex Rodriguez has not knocked up any girls out of wedlock. That was the language of the joke.

So, you know, as one of my professional comedy writing friends always says, by rights, art should be confusing to stupid people, not to smart people. A smart person listening to that knows that's not funny. That's how I think we should be evaluating this -- is it funny? And not all of these pretending to be, you know, personal injury lawyers, putting on casts and saying, oh, I'm so wounded.

HANNITY: I don't think it's every funny to make fun of -- like your buddy Maher did, the children of Rick Santorum or Governor Palin in the manner he did. I don't think that's ever funny. You know what, I think there are certain things -- I don't it's every funny to use the "C" word it talk about a woman. I just don't think that's funny.

COULTER: Well, it's probably --

HANNITY: But, I don't want Bill Maher off the air. I am not trying to silence him. I am not attacking HBO. I'm not boycotting. That's what liberals do.

COULTER: No, that's right. And they do go after the children. I mean, I just say going after the children generally, ought to be off limits. It has not been off limits for Republicans, though conservatives have taken the Obama children off limits. So, you know, maybe it's time to start imitating liberals in another way and go after the Obama children.

But I think it's more just going after the family members and the children. And by the way, that has been done grotesquely and viciously over the years by the left, including frequently outing gay children of right-wingers.

You know, if you get involved in political dialogue, you are not supposed to put your family at risk. You are the one who is out there making the arguments. Take the shots at the public figure. Don't attack the children.

HANNITY: Let me get into the political side of this. Because, you know, I don't care about Bill Maher. I don't watch his show. I really don't. I just -- you know, I just have every HBO channel --

COULTER: You have given him a lot of publicity.

HANNITY: What's that?

COULTER: I said you give him a lot of publicity. I happen to think Bill Maher is very funny, though.

HANNITY: I don't think he's funny. I think he's an angry, bitter liberal. But here's my point. I don't care what he says.

COULTER: But the jokes you play are not funny. He only says them to get to you play them because you have a billion more viewers than you do.

HANNITY: No. He says that because he's vicious and mean and you have this obsession with liking him, like you are in love with Chris Christie, but that's a separate issue.

COULTER: Do not compare Chris Christie to Bill Maher.

HANNITY: My only point is this. This is important.


HANNITY: I don't like the fact -- the reason I bring this up, is Obama injects himself into the Sandra Fluke controversy, lectures us about his children, about how he doesn't want them -- and I actually believe him. But he sits back silently and takes a million dollars from Maher and he sends David Axelrod out there to sound like a fool trying to defend the indefensible.


HANNITY: The double standard is what bothers me. He is not outraged or else he gave Maher the money back, ask to get Maher the money back. But he's afraid of angering Maher because Maher is going to attack him as being, you know, wimpy which he is.

COULTER: I actually think it was a genius plan by Maher to act like a big Democratic donor, write a million dollar check and say things so vulgar that Obama would be forced to give him his million dollars back. But I think concerns have at this points may be hypocrisy lying fraud against liberals since so many of them say things so much worse all the time. I just think we should stop acting like feminists and saying I'm offended.

HANNITY: And then you got NBC News. I got to wonder how proud Brian Williams says his is news brand when they talked about ripping Dick Cheney's heart out and stamping on it and calling Laura Ingraham a slut and all of these things that are said there. He does all these reports, Brian Williams does, on the Rush Limbaugh controversy. Interestingly, I didn't see him going after his fellow broadcasters on the NBC News brand of was that an accident? Did I miss something?

COULTER: No. I think we have come together in happy agreement, Sean. They're utter frauds, liars and hypocrites. Again, the idea that they're offended by -- by anything Any of us can say given what regularly comes out on that network.

I mean, for Pete's sake, they also have Al Sharpton on MSNBC, who falsely accused several men of rape. And that, you know. It is his claim to fame to burst on to the national scene. You have Rachel Maddow accusing the good people of Kentucky of murdering the Census worker pursuing this conspiracy theory night after night after night, and then it turns out, it was insurance fraud, the guy killed himself. And you have Ed Schultz calling Laura Ingraham a slut.

So, you know, knock it off with the 'I'm offended' routine. We know you are not offended. You're horrible people, liberals. But I think we should stop, too. --

HANNITY: I agree, but I got to tell you something --

COULTER: I think it's ridiculous.


HANNITY: Here's what's going to happen though. If they start their boycotts, it is going to be conservative groups, people in glass houses. It would probably come up in their back yard. Pretty interesting.

But Ann, good to see you. And appreciate you being with us.

COULTER: Good to see you. Thank you.

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