Common Sense

The White House State Dinner

Top bundlers attended the president's party


As many of you now know, I'm kind of a big deal.

My words carry as much weight as...well, my weight. So...a lot of weight.

But enough about me...

Back to why last night's State Dinner at the White House is also...about me.

Because, truth be told, I was invited to a White House State Dinner.

It was during the last Bush Administration, when he was throwing a big shin-dig for then Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

Because of a sudden medical emergency, I actually had to decline. And man, it killed me.

I remember the absolute shock at the White House when I sent my regrets. I guess that never happens.

Because such dinners, let alone invites to such dinners, rarely happen.

...especially when I discovered in the case of the Bush-Berlusconi Dinner, there was a theme to the evening...

"And" the guest list. Most included famous or at least notable "Italian-Americans" or just, Italians, period.

Not all. But as you can see from the scrolling list of names attending, quite a few ending in vowels!!

That's not to say some weren't big supporters of the president, or did fundraisers "for" the president.

But I bet you "not" close...

To the estimated 43 financial supporters and even campaign "bundlers," who attended President Obama's State Dinner last night for British Prime Minister David Cameron.

Hey, look, it's the president's party. But you know something...

It's our house.

Try not to soil "our" house with just "your" friends.

Or at least if you do, hide it better, by inviting folks who might not be "all" your friends.

An actor from "The Wire" of your favorite TV fine, Mr. President.

But go slow on the union invites because they kind of reek, "I do for you, you do for me," Mr. President.

That doesn't mean George Clooney doesn't belong at a State Dinner. You always need a star.

Which is why President Bush invited me. Hello? Star??!!

But at least President Bush...

Settled on Frankie Valli when I couldn't make it.

That guy can sing a tune...

Perusing your guest list, Mr. President?

From what I can see, the best a lot of them can do, is sign a check.