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SEAN HANNITY, HOST OF "HANNITY": Now, last week with the help of, we showed you rare footage of President Obama during his law school years, hugging his controversial Harvard Professor Derrick Bell. And in those 1991 remarks, he calls on all of us to open our hearts and minds to the words of Professor Derrick Bell. So, that is exactly what we’re going to continue to do. Listen to this.


DERRICK BELL, HARVARD PROFESSOR: (INAUDIBLE) I don't agree with everything he says and his words. (INAUDIBLE)

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: That is the question. Given all of these variables, can we get along?

BELL: I'm not sure we can get wrong. I think it's a very dire time. It parallels since the late 1900s are very, very real. Why do you do it? She said, Derrick, I'm old lady. I live to harass white folk. She saw her life as (INAUDIBLE) being on the case all the time. And I've accepted that as my motto. I live to harass white folk.


HANNITY: And tonight, we continue to amass more of the radical statements that he's made. Now, according to commentary magazine in 1994 interview published in the New York Observer, Bell lambasted a Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. for writing a New York Times Op-ed condemning African-American anti-Semitism. Now, Professor Bell is quoted as saying, quote, “I was furious. Even if everything he said was true, it was inexcusable not to mention what might have motivated blacks to feel this way, and to fail to talk about the Jewish neoconservative racists who are undermining blacks in every way they can." Now, Bell went on the call, anti-Semitism quote, "awful" but I'm not sure how exactly that meshes with the quote you just heard. Joining me now with reaction, Sirius XM host David Webb is back and from the New York civil rights coalition Michael Meyers is here. Let's see, I've accepted this as my motto. I live to harass whites. Louis Farrakhan is a great hero of the people. Talk about white boys getting tenure at Harvard. This comment that he is referring to here, how do we define this?

DAVID WEBB, SIRIUS XM PATRIOT HOST: Well, first thing, I want America to really give us a really key 30 seconds here, Sean. It's not about the hug. It's about the narrative that comes from him. And I want to go down point by point. Quick 30 seconds it’s important. Bell's influence is felt today in culture because he has created racial division. He has taught politicians, teachers, lawyers, social workers. That's a big effect. He’s not Reverend Write, he's worse because he's have that wider influence and influence that people take it and go on. And like Alinsky, he wants to take down the system with discontent. He didn't just embrace him.

Obama just didn't embraced Bell, he taught him at the University of Chicago. It was important. And I want to apply simple logic. You used their logic. Liberal psychologist talks about your formative years that influence you, the people that influence you that make you the man who you are. They use this in the criminal justice system in the approach. Why won't they apply this to President Barack Obama? What would they apply that logic? But what’s important about what I just said, put a lot of time in those statements because I want America to follow that narrative of analyzing the associations as you want them to do of really taking a look at what forms a man's opinion.

HANNITY: It's funny because some say; it's just a hug between a professor. Who is he hugging? And then you look at the bigger picture of the president's friends. You know, do you think these comments are racist? Do you think those comments are racist? Do you think that's anti-Semitic?


HANNITY: The professor. MEYERS: Yes, of course.

HANNITY: So, he is hugging a professor and anti-Semite. Is that a fair statement?

MEYERS: The anthem of the civil rights movement has always been which side are you on? You choose sides. You either choose for racial reconciliation. Or you choose racial polarization. You choose racial harmony or you choose racial lunacy, and deification of skin color. The friends and allies and the mentors of Barack Obama chose racial idiocy. They chose the deification of skin color. They chose Farrakhan to emulate, to advocate for -- to say that Farrakhan, the apostle of anti-Semitism and black racism is supposedly and somehow the spokesperson of African-Americans. He’s not. So any time you have the empowerment of black ideology, you have -- you have, I think, the endorsement of racism.

Now, one more -- one more -- one more point. And that is that Obama's sin is the sin of not just hugging, it's the sin of omission because he’s the intellectual and the intellectual must -- the scholarship of the intellectual must refute -- refute racial idiocy. You cannot be silent!

HANNITY: Here's what -- you know, for the most transparent administration, we don't know a lot about his past!

WEBB: Right.

HANNITY: And then we look at his -- as he grew older and it was the Alinsky ACORN community organizing model. It was Reverend Wright as he began his career in -- political career in Bill Ayers's homes. So this started here, and it's another piece of the puzzle because we didn't learn a lot about him before he became president.

Here's -- here's -- I don't -- I said when we aired this, this wasn't the smoking gun. I think his three years as -- and a half years as president -- that record should be the smoking gun because it's so bad!

WEBB: Right.

HANNITY: But the question is what does this tell Americans? What should they learn from this and Ayers, Dohrn, Wright, Pfleger, ACORN, Alinsky and all -- straight on down. What do we -- what does this tell us about him?

WEBB: Sean, I want Americans to apply their own common sense to this. We look at each other. We get to know each other. We grow up. We recognize our influence as we go forward.

We must apply that simple common sense to President Obama. He was taught a narrative -- and you used the right word -- an ideology. He was not taught to be open to other ideas, to look for evolving ideas, to look for an evolution of the human being. He was taught a narrative at Harvard. At 29...


HANNITY: I'm running out of time. Here's the last question...

WEBB: ... does the same thing.

HANNITY: Does his governing confirm that he stuck to the rigid ideology...


HANNITY: ... controversial figures in his life?

MEYERS: Yes, because he invites the racial ideologues to the White House all the time. And I can name names.

But the one point I have to make is that in choosing sides -- which side are you on -- you know, I hate this critical race theory because it says that white Americans who struggled for Civil Rights were somehow doing it for self-interest. That is a slur and a smear on the legacy and the memory of Andrew Goodman and Chaney, Goodman and Schwerner and -- legacy in terms of Mississippi, who died for Civil Rights, not because of self- interest.

It's a smear on Viola Louisey (sic) -- Liuzzo, who died, was shot and killed in the -- in the -- in the support and struggle for Civil Rights for blacks. This kind of racial rhetoric -- that's why I say again -- must be refuted by the president of United States! And he identifies with demagogues!

HANNITY: Last word.

WEBB: Simple fact is the majority of America is white, so the majority of people who fought for Civil Rights and helped get this through in the '60s were white people. We're not separated by color. We're brought together by our common intersections, what we agree on. And that's great about this culture.

HANNITY: One interesting fact on that is that Lyndon Johnson for the '64 Civil Rights Act and then the '65 Voting Rights Act needed the Republicans. People like Al Gore's father...

WEBB: Right.

HANNITY: ... nowhere to be found. Democrats abandoned it. Wouldn't have happened without the Republican Party. Just interesting fact. Guys...

MEYERS: The party of Lincoln.

HANNITY: That's correct, sir!


WEBB: Freedom and opportunity in America...


MEYERS: You don't have to be Newt Gingrich to be a historian!


HANNITY: And we got presidential hopeful Rick Santorum.

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