Will Bachmann endorse a candidate?

Former GOP contender weighs in on race


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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST OF “YOUR WORLD”: All right, so, if it is a lack of passion and support, what does my next guest say about this? Because up to now, she’s really not been saying anything about supporting any candidates. In fact, she might still hold to that view.

We have got Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.

Congresswoman, good to have you.

Are you getting off the fence or still staying on it?



I’m on the unity train, that’s where I am, because we have got to come together. The one thing I have seen as a result of Super Tuesday, Neil, is the fact that people want to have this come to an end. There is a certain fatigue level that has set in, because every single day, the question is, who is going to be the president today? And after a while, people have just kind of had it.

And I think we didn’t see any surprises or big upsets come out of last night, and people just want to see this resolved. And that is what my goal is, too, is, when we get to that certain point, let’s pull everyone together and batten down the hatches. We have an election to win.

And so that is what we need to do, get our message right, win the election, and make Barack Obama a one-term president.

CAVUTO: Congresswoman, I was talking to Governor Sarah Palin last night on Fox Business. And she was saying the guy who has that, the passion and all of that, is not Mitt Romney; it is Newt Gingrich. She voted for Newt Gingrich in the Alaska caucuses.

I’m just wondering what that says about the mood of the -- I don’t know -- the energetic part of the party, the part that is jazzed. I don’t know if it’s the part that necessarily is indicative of the party, but it’s a passionate part of the party.

What do you make of that?

BACHMANN: Well, I think that’s the part of the unifying that needs to be done. We will need to bring together the Tea Partiers, the evangelicals and the establishment Republicans, but that is not enough to win.

It’s also independents and Democrats.


CAVUTO: But Mitt Romney doesn’t fill that, right, Congresswoman?

When he was with -- he was trying the explain that: I won’t light my hair on fire. I won’t do, I guess, exciting things to wow people just to try to wow them.

What he seems to be saying and what his wife, Ann, said to me the next day is, it is not his style. Could that hurt him?

BACHMANN: Well, again, what do have -- what are the intervening events between now and the convention?

There are no more debates. And there -- we have some contests that are coming up, but, again, because there were no surprises again last night, what is the breakout event going to be for any of the candidates, for -- whether it is Ron Paul or Newt or Rick or for Mitt Romney?

This is our playing field. And so our -- our obligation as a party needs to be coming together. And I think what I am seeing from the polls to the people across the country is they want us to get to this decision point. They do not want this to go on and on and on. They want us to get there.

And again I am not choosing a favorite here at this point. I want one of them. I’m for one of the above, whichever one it is. Let’s just get her done.

CAVUTO: You have also said to your colleagues in Congress in both parties, let’s not us be dillydallying while we way for this thing to sort itself out.

But the reputation or the image of Congress right now, Congresswoman, is that is exactly what they are doing. They’re just sort of coasting to see how the election goes. What, if anything, is going to get done?


BACHMANN: Well, it is true. But I have some really good news. Last week, I was able to get through my bill in Congress, which is the completion of the longest unfinished bridge project in the history of the United States. And this particular bridge had a particularly scandalous background.

It was stopped because -- I’m not kidding -- a federal bureaucrat came out to my district and said it would be visual pollution to build a bridge. That gave the Sierra Club the ability to tie this bridge up in federal court.

CAVUTO: And you stopped it. You stopped it, right?

BACHMANN: Well, we stopped it.


BACHMANN: But the shame is that we went from an $80 million bridge to a $780 million bridge. It’s got to stop.

CAVUTO: Congresswoman...

BACHMANN: We have got to -- we have got to stop all this. We stopped it.

CAVUTO: ... thank you.

BACHMANN: Thank you. OK.

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