Grapevine: Political double standard in Hollywood?

Reaction to 'The Kennedys' vs. 'Game Change'


And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Conservative Estimate

Last year "The Kennedys" miniseries was slammed by the left in part because the developer is a conservative.

Liberals cried foul with one filmmaker creating a website called StopKennedySmears.com that featured a petition calling the series "politically motivated fiction as historical fact."

Yet Hollywood doesn't seem too bothered that the top producers and stars of the HBO movie "Game Change" about the John McCain/Sarah Palin Republican ticket have donated solely to Democratic and left-leaning causes. The Hollywood Reporter puts the donations at more than $200,000.

Taxing Issue

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett insists the rich -- including himself -- should pay more taxes. However, the Huffington Post looked at a Buffett subsidiary that spent millions lobbying Congress to do the opposite.

Berkshire Hathaway owned NetJets successfully crafted tax legislation through lobbyists that benefits a small number of private jet companies.

NetJets claims the provision that will deprive the government of roughly $25 million in annual revenue over the next three years is a clarification of the tax code and not a tax break.

Regardless, Huffington writes -- quote -- "Companies like NetJets will pay lower taxes over the next four years than they do today."

Panic Button

Finally, talk about a hot button issue.

California Democratic Congresswoman Lois Capps made it seem as though she supported religious persecution during a recent House vote.

Capps pushed the wrong button -- meaning she was the sole vote against a resolution condemning Iran's death sentence for a Muslim who converted to Christianity and became a pastor. At last word, by the way, he was said to be still alive.

Capps later took to the floor reiterating her support for religious freedom.