Democrats vying for Sen. Snowe's seat

U.S. Senate candidate Scott D'Amboise on his run


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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST OF “YOUR WORLD”: Well, longtime Republican Maine Senator Olympia Snowe calling it quits, and the media is calling it a win for Democrats.

The Washington Post, "A Blow to the GOP," USA Today, "Makes Way for the Democrats."

My next guest couldn’t disagree more. Scott D’Amboise says already he’s been challenging the senator. He’s the lone GOP contender.

A lot of people are saying this is a quick pickup for the Democrats. I’m sure and I hope that you would probably disagree with that. But the argument that she succeeded in Maine because of her moderate stance, what do you think?


The people in the Maine, especially the Tea Party people in Maine, and the conservatives have been looking for a candidate who believes as they do, with conservative principles and values. And let’s remember, Maine for the first time in over 40 years went red during the last election with a Republican governor and a Republican House and Senate.

CAVUTO: Was that working into her equation, that she felt that maybe you have this whole argument that it’s been open season on moderates and we have fewer of them, and we have more extreme liberals on the left, extreme conservatives on the right, but very few in between?

And, by the way, she lamented that.

D’AMBOISE: Yes, she did.

You know, again, what we’ve been doing as we have been out speaking to everyone, Neil, is the fact that everywhere we go, people are concerned with of course the economy. They are very concerned about social issues, and a lot of other issues, of course. But she has voted moderate to liberal.

She would say one thing in Maine and then she comes back to Washington, D.C., and votes a completely different way. And so that upset has the base with the fact that her not voting conservative.

CAVUTO: Now, as someone who supported stimulus, I’m not sure -- call me if I’m wrong on this on the health care plan -- is there a sense that you get that the tip for you would be just the opposite? No more stimulus. Dismantle health care. Would your message be even right of some Tea Partiers?

D’AMBOISE: Well, I think we are along lines with most Tea Partiers and most conservatives.

I don’t agree with the health care bill. I work in the health care field. And so -- plus, I own my own small business, but I think the problem she found in the state of Maine -- the Maine people, were very smart up there. And she said she voted against the Obamacare, which in essence she did. But she voted for it before she voted against it.

CAVUTO: That’s right. There were a series -- that’s right. You’re jogging my memory now. There were a series of votes.



CAVUTO: You are right, OK.

D’AMBOISE: Right. It was her vote that brought it out of committee.

CAVUTO: Right. Right.

D’AMBOISE: And people in Maine aren’t forgetting that.

CAVUTO: All right. Well, Scott, we will watch very, very closely.

And whoever emerges as his Democratic opponent of course is always welcome on this show, fair and balanced.

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