Grapevine: Democrats and Tea Partiers unite in Indiana

Effort to unseat incumbent senator


And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Ain't No Sunshine

The sun could be setting on German solar energy subsidies.

Der Spiegel reports the payments exceeded $10 billion just last year, though the electricity generated made up only about three percent of the total power supply in Germany, in part for lack of sunshine.

Members of Chancellor Angela Merkel's staff are calling the green energy policy a massive money pit and the economics minister says the subsidies are a threat to the economy.

So the government is considering severe cuts to the subsidy program.

Just last month, President Obama mentioned Germany and solar power during his State of the Union address saying the clean energy industry has quote -- "never been more promising."

Resident Upheaval

Politics makes strange bedfellows and that's the case in Indiana.

Democrats and Tea Partiers wanting to unseat incumbent Senator Dick Lugar are attacking the Republican as out of touch with Hoosiers saying he isn't even a resident of the state.

His conservative challenger even held a news conference in front of the Indianapolis home Lugar lists as his official address despite selling that house back in 1977.

Lugar stays in hotels when he travels back to the state. His campaign says the issue was settled years ago when the state attorney general ruled senators don't lose residency while serving out of state.

They also say he pays property taxes on a farm he owns in Indiana.

Tweets on Trial

Finally, a young Saudi blogger has been sent back to his homeland to face trial and possible execution triggered by comments he made on Twitter that were seen as blasphemous against the Prophet Mohammed.

Hamza Kashgari has apologized for sending three tweets of a fictional conversation with the prophet Mohammed that quickly sparked thousands of angry responses and even death threats.

No official reaction from the Saudi government.

U.S. human rights groups have asked the State Department to intervene.