Common Sense

Cavuto: What does the GOP stand for?

Party should explain their core principles


Be disagreeable.

But don't disagree.

My advice to Republicans--

Cut each other long as you're not cutting your party down.

Or at least what you say your party stands for.

Look, I have no horse in this race...but I do think a lot of Republicans look like horse's asses in this race.

Not just those running for office....

Those in office. Not just those who want more power...

GOP leaders in house and senate together

Those already in power. fixed in the moment to sell themselves...that they don't mind selling their party's soul while they're at it.

And I’m not just talking about Bain Capital. I expect Democrats to rail against the evils of private capital. Not Republicans.

I expect Democrats to say, "Losing some workers doesn't justify saving a lot more workers." not Republicans.

And I expect Democrats to say, "that proves private bailouts that spend not a penny of taxpayer money are evil...but public bailouts that spend hundreds of billions of taxpayer money are not."...

Just not Republicans.

I expect Democrats to be consistent on these issues. And by and large, they are.

But I expect Republicans to be consistent on their issues. And by and large, they are not.

Because it's not the Democrats saying one thing, and doing another.

Of late, it's been Republicans preaching one thing, and governing another.

The party that rails against big spending. But won't cut it.

That demands steep cuts in entitlements. But won't do it.

GOP leaders together (House and Senate)

That calls for bold leadership. But won't provide it.

You can't push a government to a shutdown over what you say are billions in waste, but cheaply settle for pennies on the dollar...

But you do.

You say you won't bait.

But you do switch.

And when it comes to your core fiscal principles, you do something else.

You lie.

And you confuse.

And you leave Americans seeking a clear alternative with at best, a mixed message.

Are you for free markets? Or not?

Are you for reining in spending? Or not?

Are you for making the sacrifice? And sacrificing yourself if that's what it takes?

Or doing whatever is politically expedient if that's what wins?

Fox News flash here...that doesn't win.


Let me be clear-- principled men can be disagreeable.

But when it comes to their core principles, they should never disagree.

Because when you can't stand consistently for anything, you fall for everything.

And lose everyone.