Grapevine: Mitt Romney's Real First Name?

New poll shows most people don't know


And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

First-Name Basis?

Mitt Romney narrowly won the Iowa Republican caucuses even though hardly anyone knows his real first name.

In fact a new poll shows 94 percent of those surveyed cannot tell you what his first name is. 44 percent chose "don't know "; 20 percent thought it was "Mitt"; 18 percent guessed "Mitchell"; eight percent chose "Milton."

Only six percent, correctly picked "Willard."

The Atlantic notes the most interesting statistic from the survey, is that two percent believe Romney is named "Mittens." And another two percent chose "Gromit."

Quote -- "Maybe he should just go with Mittens. Romney needs more people to like him, and the Internet has clearly demonstrated people's love of cats."

Occupy Third Grade

A Virginia elementary school is defending a song performed by a group of third graders promoting the Occupy Wall Street movement.

School officials say the song was written by the children as part of a program sponsored by a group that works to inspire creativity in music.

Some people question whether eight-year-olds would select such a grown-up theme on their own.

Some of the lyrics read -- quote -- "I used to be one of the one percent...then the bubble burst... though I lost my yacht and plane...I'm so happy to be part of the 99."

The group has since clarified its guidelines, saying it will train its adult facilitators to steer students away from controversial content.

Out of This World

And finally, the White House is definitively saying President Obama has not traveled to Mars.

Wired reports one conspiracy theory has a 19-year-old Barack Obama involved in a secret CIA intergalactic program.

He supposedly teleported to the Red Planet twice.

National Security Spokesman Tommy Vietor went on the record to clarify no Mars interaction for the president unless -- quote -- "You count watching Marvin the Martian."