Common Sense

Cavuto: Capitalism Is All Wrong

Capitalists no longer self-reliant?


Here's where those Occupy Wall Streeters got it right -- capitalism is all wrong, but not for the reasons they're ranting. Just take a look at what -- these days -- gets capitalists buying: government rescues.

Just talk that Europe's leaders might be on the verge of a bailout plan for sick countries there had investors celebrating here. Stocks zooming on hope that a European rescue's coming.

Again, weird, when you remember capitalists usually hate government anything -- especially government rescuing anyone. Any government. Anywhere. These guys used to hate it every time. All the time.

But that was then, when self-reliant capitalists were... well, self-reliant. Not now, when self-reliant capitalists are... well, not self-reliant.

No, now they're much more government-reliant. The same government big bank bosses bash, but when their own heinies are on the line, government money they'll happily take.

Just look at what gets markets going these days. Up, when someone comes to their rescue. Down, when it looks like no one is coming to their rescue.

So up the last two trading days on talk European governments are at the ready to bail out players who couldn't hack it, after being down last Monday when talk of a mere $200 billion bailout didn't cut it.

Up, when it looks like helicopter Ben Bernanke will swoop in to rescue them.

Down, when Ben says he's out of goodies and they have the nerve to be mad at him!

That's the real trend occupying Wall Street. If only these Wall Street occupiers could see it.

They're too busy bemoaning capitalism to see the guys they hate aren't even practicing it.