Grapevine: President's Teleprompter Gone?

Stolen vehicle carrying speech equipment


And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...


President Obama's teleprompter had an unscripted moment after thieves made off with a truck that was carrying it, along with podiums, presidential seals and audio equipment.

The vehicle was stolen from a Richmond, Virginia area parking lot.

A local news station first reported the theft that occurred ahead of the president's visit Wednesday.

Officials say the truck was later recovered and that no sensitive information was lost.

But, they will not say whether the items inside were actually taken and not returned. A satirical blog supposedly written by TOTUS, the Teleprompter of the United States -- posted an update today that read -- quote -- "Help!...I've been kidnapped!"

High Times

Republican presidential candidate Gary Johnson is pulling an "I told you so" -- calling out other Republicans and other politicians for failing to join him in supporting marijuana legalization.

The former New Mexico governor points to a new Gallup poll that finds a record high 50 percent of those surveyed favoring such a move.

Quote -- "This may be the only issue on the national scene where half the American people support something, but zero percent, statistically speaking, of elected officials and politicians will publicly agree with them."

Scrabble Scuffle

And finally, an errant tile spelled trouble at the World Scrabble Championships in Poland last weekend.

The Daily Mail reports, the tile for the "G" letter disappeared. So one of the players demanded his opponent be strip searched.

The Associated Press reports a referee intervened and asked both players to empty their pockets.

However, the "G" tile was still missing -- or in this case, "missin'" -- so a replacement was added.