Wall Street Protests: Takers vs. Makers

Anti-bailout protesters want more bailouts?


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GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: Welcome back to "The Five," Bob.

Well, it was a good weekend to be a taker. At Occupy Chicago, hearty applause greets the leader of the communist party.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: My name is John Bachtell. I bring greetings of solidarity to the communist party. We are here for a change, side-by-side. We'll sleep here.


GUTFELD: Meanwhile, at Occupy Portland, entertainment was key as long as you hate America.




GUTFELD: Love the hat.

What job could they have lost in this economy? There is this at Occupy New York.


UNIDENTIFIED PROTESTER: Help us now. Help us now. Help us. We don't want to do this.

(EXPLETIVE DELETED) people out there. (EXPLETIVE DELETED) on their (EXPLETIVE DELETED) yachts. They are not in our country. They are not Americans.



GUTFELD: Don't worry. It turns out he is actually a grad student from Columbia with a trust fund. And apparently split ends.

And, of course, there were arrests in Manhattan and violence in Rome. CNN said the mayhem was caused by anarchists who, quote, "infiltrated the protest."

Infiltrated? Try maybe organized? Let's not forget who planned occupy Wall Street. A Canadian group known as Adbusters, in a recent article, they claim Usama bin Laden was a true revolutionary who should have been mourned by the left because he was bringing the West to its knees.

So, those are the takers. I call them that, because they don't want less, they want more. Railing against the bail-out, they want more bail- outs, which obsessed the makers of donut and falafel. The New York food cart are manned by Egyptians. And they bristle when the protest is compared to the Arab spring. The vendors tell New York Mag -- quote -- "We were fighting for a big, big thing: for life, to eat, against a giant snake that would kill us."

But thanks to the occupation, they've lost all of their business. Oh, well. I never liked falafel.


GUTFELD: So, Bob, I need you to help me. I believe there are sincere protesters out there. But for the protests I guess to organize for political effect, they have gotten disown these other disgusting elements, right?

BOB BECKEL, CO-HOST: Yes, you're right. And I notice our producers must have added that thing because -- you took every insane left wing you could find and strung it together -- including nobody in the protests who have reasonable arguments to be there.

GUTFELD: They were entertaining.

BECKEL: People who lost their house in New Jersey.


BECKEL: These are middle class people. These are middle class people. But what you do is you take the communist party. Yes, is it better not to have the fringe? Yes. The Tea Party learned that as well. It's never good to have a fringe.

ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: That's all they have. If they get rid of fringe there won't be any occupy anything left. They are the fringe.

BECKEL: You just interrupted me.


BOLLING: If I don't, this would be the Bob show.

BECKEL: No, it would not be a Bob show. And I want to tell you this, it would be very rude and I don't want you to be rude. You saved my life once, I can take yours again.

Look, here's the point. There are a lot of people -- this is spreading around the country. It's in over 100 cities around the world.

There are people -- now, let me bring up one thing. See who gets the blame. American people to blame. We got that poll about who is really helping the economy and hurting? What is Wall Street doing to affect the economy?

You got it? OK. Good.

Now, what about Wall Street? It hurts the economy, 47 percent of the people believe that Wall Street and it hurts the economy.

BOLLING: Hurt the economy


BOLLING: Or have no opinion on it.

BECKEL: Forty-seven percent says Wall Street hurts the economy. That's about right. I think that they, you know, the fact that you're sitting here everyday.


BOLLING: Is that all you have? That is all you have?

GUTFELD: Eric, here's the thing. They were chanting in -- protesters in Times Square were chanting, banks got bailed out, we got sold out.

But the banks didn't bail themselves out. They were bailed out by the government. Why aren't they against the government? It's the government --

BOLLING: Your point is so spot on, Greg. Obama bailed out banks. Obama bailed out AIG, an insurance company. Obama bailed out the auto industry, G.M. and Chrysler. Obama also inadvertently bailed out --


BECKEL: Everyone of those started by Bush. Are you kidding me? Tell the truth.

The fact of the matter is, every one of those things bail-out began with the Bush administration.

BOLLING: Listen. I don't disagree with that. I agree that Bush --


GUILFOYLE: Obama was supportive of it?

BOLLING: Obama really took that ball around. Can I just point out, they call each other comrades. They have the support of Nazi party and the communist party. These people are fringe. They are about to go away.

GUILFOYLE: They want redistribution of wealth. That's what they want. They want socialism in this country.

CROWLEY: And that's exactly right, Kimberly. And we need to keep our eye on what's really going on here. The radical leftist always play the long game, OK? And they always keep their eyes on the prize.

This movement, such as it is, it's been in the pipeline for months. SEIU, Adbusters, which has serious George Soros money into it, this is being done for a couple of reasons -- to detract from Obama's abysmal record, to mobilize the left wing base and also to get the country sort of riled up so that they can equate the Tea Party with what's going on now when there's no comparison whatsoever.

BECKEL: Does it bother you at all, Monica, that 1 percent of the people in this country control 40 percent of the wealth?

CROWLEY: Bob, what are you talking about?

BECKEL: Does it bother you? Does it bother that 1 percent controls 40 percent of the wealth?


BOLLING: Hold on.

BECKEL: Wait a second. I'm not asking you. I'm asking Monica.

BOLLING: How would you fix it? You have government come in and change the system? So, you want government --

BECKEL: Yes. Right, exactly.

CROWLEY: You want the government confiscating wealth --


BECKEL: So you think it's OK -- I'm going to ask you. Are you guys are OK with 1 percent controlling 40 percent of the wealth?

GUTFELD: I would love to control 40 percent of the wealth and I'm proud of that.

GUILFOYLE: And you have half the country not paying any tax whatsoever. So, the fact that you suggest that the people that are making $250,000 and above are carrying this country.

BECKEL: One percent, 40 percent.

GUTFELD: I want to control the wealth. What's wrong with that?

BOLLING: This group complains about the system. But the only way to fix it, to bring down what's called the wealth gap is to create a situation with more socialist. It's more Marxist. It's more -- share and spread the wealth around.

BECKEL: Why has it gotten better --

GUTFELD: Can we go to Greg? It's his block.

GUTFELD: I want to ask Kimberly a question.


GUTFELD: Michael Moore said that he believes he made a call for all police departments to join the protests. What would happen if that happened?

GUILFOYLE: Yes, what is wrong with him? He got this country completely confused. It's like the police officers trying to maintain order and prevent more violence or any kind of problems going on. Why would they join this? This isn't the Arab spring.

CROWLEY: That's the point. That's the point of Occupy Wall Street. It's about creating chaos. It's about manufacturing a crisis. It's about social upheaval. They don't want the cops.

BECKEL: And 100 cities across America. And 100 other cities across America, right?

CROWLEY: Yes, it's all orchestrated, Bob.

BECKEL: Oh, it's all orchestrated.

GUTFELD: I'm going to orchestrate a break right now. Yes, the eyebrows going up. That means it's almost time.

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